Outfit://Tee - Local Store//Skinny - H&M//Loafers - Zara//Bag - c/o iamshopaholicmom_macau//Sunnies - Bershka//Watch - Casio//

As promised, here is my outfit of the day from when we were in Hong Kong last weekend. Chezka and I separated from the pack and decided to come back home a little earlier. On our way to the pier, we found this spot outside IFC mall at central and I thought the greenery matched my shirt so much, like I completely belonged (read: camouflage). So we stopped by for a while to snap some shots. Nothing fancy here; just a casual outfit that wasn't thought about. But in my defense, when in Hong Kong, you pretty much have to do a lot of walking, so comfort is the key to dressing.

Anyway, tomorrow's payday again! And guess what the most cliche thing Penguin, Chezka and I are going to do? ... Shopping! Yep! Very shallow alright. But if you've been stalking the blog for sometime already, then you probably know that one of the many things I like to do with Penguin is going on little excursions to, yes, Hong Kong to shop (read about my latest one here). He's the navigator, you see. He knows the tidbits and details of where to shop the trends and current styles for affordable prices, and sometimes even not. But since tomorrow's occasion is a planned effort, we're going with two other friends including Chezka. Even more exciting! I'm sure I'll bore you with another haul as soon as we get back. But I can't promise so keep your fingers crossed.

There's nothing else to report so I'm calling it a night. We're planning to catch the 10AM ferry tomorrow so I better get to bed so I can wake up in time. Good night ya'll and here's to another eventful weekend!


  1. fabolous pants my dear

  2. pretty bag! im addicted to that color these days. nice shots carla :)

  3. omg you look rad! and the pics are great. what camera do you use? :)

    i'd love to hear your opinion about my latest post ;)
    love, B <3

    1. thank you! I use a Nikon D60 with 50mm lens.

  4. I would ahve never thought of this combination. I really like it. the pants are amazing, love them. also the camouflage top look really nice :) great outfit.
    have a nice day ♥

  5. Lovely outfit! IM also wearing stripes today :-) visit my blog soon long time no see :-)

  6. AnonymousMay 31, 2013

    You pulled those outfits all together into nice and awesome outfit! :)

  7. Only you could pull off and think of this creative print mix. I LOVE it! Camo and bold stripes, who knew? Once I find me some striped bottoms like these, I'm definitely copying you :)

    Trendy Teal

  8. You look so cool. Nice combination<3

  9. I love your outfit, the striped pants are amazing :)

    Charlotte xx

  10. i love how you paired your camo t-shirt and stripe pants, very trendy

  11. I love this look head to toe! Perfect photos :)


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