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Outfit://Dress - MPT//Loafers - Zara//Bag - c/o iamshopaholicmom_macau//Sunnies - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//

I'm overly active in instagram lately. By far it's still the only social networking I'm addicted to (twitter and facebook not even close). What a waste if I didn't share these little snapshots with you because truth be told, my life is actually better documented in this app than my blog. So take note, these "Life lately on instagram" posts will be permanently recurring from time to time. Besides, they make up for a good alternative whenever I haven't any outfit post prepared, like today.

So my life... well, it's been crazy lately. Almost a month has passed since we moved to the new place but I'm still not used to it. I wake up everyday thinking we're still 10 minutes away from everything just to realize we're not, and then I have to always rush; my morning routines ruined; in the first few days I was almost always constantly late for work and school because I was used to having the bus station right at the bottom of the building where we used to live in; all the buses were accessible. From here, I have to walk at least 5 minutes to the closest bus station that goes directly to work or school, otherwise I have to transfer buses which take longer. There aren't any close-by stores like 7/11 or groceries. I'm used to buying breakfast right before catching the bus to school or work, but here, its impossible. I don't know. Maybe I need a few more weeks to get used to this.

On another note, I'm having a little unearthing of feelings being able to have new friends, getting reunited with an old one, and then getting closer with another. I feel refreshed and I see more possibilities. In this world, finding real friends have become quite rare, and being the anti-social that I am (yep, that' right), it's even more difficult. Aside from Penguin and Desiree who's miles away from me, there are only a few others that I can actually consider for real, Chezka included. Sadly, I had to learn this from bitter experiences. So with that, it's better to start keeping.

Apart from the above, this month consisted of a few interesting happenings: Penguin and I celebrated our 5th anniversary (which you can read about here); Did the last event project that I'll ever have to do for college; partied with my classmates possibly for the first and last time ever, where  unexpectedly Penguin and I enjoyed, and went nuts over the excess food, taking home boxes of pizza because we just had too much; Went on a spontaneous excursion to Hong Kong where I went all out and decided to just spend the amount that I planned to save for the trip this summer; and... got to watch a burlesque show which cost $7800 a table as perks of the job. I tell you we have an awesome boss, though I wish he'd do this kind of incentives more often, ha! 

Anyway, this post has become a lot longer than expected. I just had to rant. But I'm stopping now and leaving you to enjoy the rest of the photos after the jump. Click below to see!


  1. Lovely dress, dear! :)

  2. I love your pictures, you're such a beauty! X

  3. I hope you get used to your new routine and I actually really like the instagram posts keep em coming

  4. same here, really attached to my Instagram , it is way easier than real blogging here on Blogger.

    lovely pics by the way :)


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  5. Seriously, Instagram is SO addictive *_*
    I'm hooked on it too, haha! I love it so much though. Its so easy to take a quick snap and document what's going on.
    Hope you adjust to your new place and the time involved in getting to places! I'm sure you will soon.
    Also, it's hard to find true friends. I honestly only consider two people real friends to me.
    But that's okay. Its better to have a few honest people in your life than have a huge circle of fake friends that will only tear you down.

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  6. I really like that bag from the first picture :)


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