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Outfit://Tee and bag - Pull & Bear//Jacket - Black Moss//Skirt - ManSi//Boots - Dr. Martens//Collar - Natkiel//

... the rock and roll, cool-chick, rebel version. Hey, we all went trough that phase you have to admit. Some take it further to a whole new level while others get stuck. I've been there and definitely through with that. But style-wise, we can all agree that we're never too old to, once in a while, go back, right? Besides, I like to cherish the 90s kid in me.

My life as of late: still getting the hang of living in a new neighborhood. Well, not really a new neighborhood since we only moved a few blocks away from our old home. But adjustment is inevitable, especially with things like transportation, going to the supermarkets and such. We got used to living at a place that's close to everything - bus station, groceries, parking lot - like everything is literally a few steps away, and now that it's all gone, it takes some getting used to. I can't stress anymore how much moving sucks, but my ranting should stop somehow, so don't worry cos this now ends here.

On a more positive note, Penguin and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary tomorrow - yes, that long already! Don't get me wrong, we're not that old. We just started out young haha. There isn't any major plans since we're planning a trip for the summer and we've decided to save the resources for that. But of course we'll be doing a few simple things as per usual, like maybe go to the movies and a fancy dinner somewhere. I don't know. But it's nice to be a little casual and spontaneous I guess, but whatever we decide to do, I'll make sure to share with ya'll next time.


  1. I love your outfit! Especially how you mix the feminine skirt with the tough boots! I love mixing tough and girly elements :)

  2. I love this look! the skirt is great especially the color and the way you styled it all is perfect.

  3. pretty skirt dear
    really lovely..


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  4. Ohh 5 years! Congrats! That's really amazing for you two.
    I absolutely love this look, that bright orange maxi skirt is perfect with this blouse and that studded bag. Love the rocker chic vibe, everything is better with a little edge to it

  5. love love love!
    well happy early 5th years anniversary :*

  6. 5th anniversary? Dang girl, that's commitment! Congrats, and have fun on your trip :)
    Also, its never a bad thing to go back to that tough phase...haha, I miss it. Love the Docs with your bright orange skirt! You always add that perfect tough girl vibe <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. Great outfit! You are so stylish :)

  8. Wow 5 years, congrats! Also moving sucks. It is fun and exciting but also full of stress!

    Love the outfit =)

    Corinne x

  9. AnonymousMay 04, 2013

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Five years is a sweet and long time!! Right now, I‘ve got my FIRST WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY - it‘s a great gift and I think you might like it! Why don‘t you take a look and join it?! Love, Kyra

  10. aww congrats you two <3 <3 and goodluck on your adaption :** anw you look great as always xoxoxo

  11. Love love love this outfit . Let us follow each other via GFC and bloglovin .

  12. Moving can sure be stressful - we just moved in February, so I know what you mean! I love that outfit, it has all the right elements. I actually find it so inspiring I'm sharing it on my blog's FB page ♥

  13. Really like your studded bag and the orange pleated skirt! :)

    Away From Blue


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