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Outfit://Tee - Forever21//Skirt - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//Blazer - H&M//Loafers- Zara//Bag - c/o iamshopaholicmom_macau//Watch - Casio//

Call me a part of the late majority trend adopters because galaxy print has been around for quite some time now. I'm not much perturbed with the fact that it's possibly my first time to wear one. Quite the contrary, I'm pleased to have waited to cop the perfect piece. The opportunity came rather belatedly as I settle upon the idea that they're expensive for my taste; at least most of those that I've been eyeing from Romwe and Asos namely, which cost a ludicrous amount of money. And when the trend fades, bye bye.

But see that's where the boundaries of my love/hate relationship with trends lie; over-rating and overpricing. As much as I'd like to keep up with the latest "in the now" pieces, I think I'd stick to being practical, thank you. Though I succumb to the idea, don't think I'll be the first one in line. I'd more willingly wait for the sales, or a miraculous befalling (like receiving a free coupon from one of my sponsors, ha!). It's perfectly normal to think as such, no? Even for a blogger.

On another note, any of you guys familiar with GOMI? Just a thought. Been reading the forum threads regarding fashion bloggers lately and I find it hilarious. Though much to my amusement, I am all together distressed for those bloggers being targeted. That and the fact that most of the comments are really harsh, if nothing good at all. But for the most part, I think there's so much that commentators don't understand what fashion bloggers/blogging is all about, thus criticizing only from a one-sided point of view. I don't know. Surely heaven and earth would fall down upon me should my blog ever make it there, though that's undoubtedly far from happening since my blog is irrelevant. But then I guess we can learn a thing or two from reading and knowing what other people think about bloggers/blogging. After all, criticism can only make us or break us. If you guys have time, check the site out - it's worth a look.

Happy weekend!


  1. This skirt is incredibly!!! It makes me really want a galaxy print piece for sure. I've been loving them, but yeah I usually don't pounce on a trend unless i'm sure it'll stick around for a bit

  2. You look gorgeous! especially when I think I'm not really into galaxy stuff, but I do like you look ;)

    check out my latest post!
    love, B

  3. I love that bag, and I've read a bit on GOMI before some of the stuff is actually really funny and hits some really good points
    Deejay Speaks

  4. AnonymousJune 08, 2013

    It doesn't matter if you're joining in with the galaxy trend a little late, you still look amazing! I love that skirt and your satchel! Have a lovely weekend.

    Kathryn x

  5. Your skirt is so amazing!
    Have a nice day!

  6. Nice :)

  7. I like how you paired a graphic tee with a feminine skirt! And the black blazer makes the outfit so chic :)

    Veloria in velvet

  8. Like a boss! Haha, love this awesome look Carla - the galaxy print is something that I love. And your turquoise bag seals the deal <3
    Its ironic that my blog's name is Trendy Teal, but I'm the same as you when it comes to trends. They're too expensive to get when they first come out!
    Its much better when you get it sponsored ;)

    Trendy Teal

  9. Haha, my name change is something I did because I've felt a little uncomfortable with my real last name being publicized through the blog. I just decided to go with my mom's maiden name instead :)

  10. Oh my, your blog is AMAZING. I'm blown away, you definitely have a new follower. Simply love this outfit (and about the trends - I agree with you, trends are overrated!).

  11. You look wonderful, I adoreee the skirt!

  12. Gorgeous outfit - I adore your skirt and bag! Beautiful photos too! :)

    Yinyin xx

  13. such a cute outfit! love your t shirt :) xx

  14. Great outfit,the combo is lovely!


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