Delightfully Tacky

Outfit://Shirt - MPT//Jeans - Mirror, HK//Bag - Cotton On//Cap - H&M//Heels - Steve Madden//

My distaste for denim skinny pants might just have come to an end. Didn't expect that all I needed was one pair with a twist but suddenly I'm giving in. There's something so delightful about this pair that, although some might find tacky, I like so much. And here I thought I'd never buy a pair of denim jeans again (eating my own guts). But when I saw these on the racks at one of the local stores in Hong Kong the other day, among the many prettier things, they're the only ones that spoke to me. I had to circle the store twice and come back before deciding that they are needed in my closet. Enough said.

But speaking of, allow me to report back on that little business trip I did with mum and tita over the weekend. So while we're at it, I managed to cop a few things including this now default go-to bag which I suppose you'll be seeing a lot more from now on. The rest include another bag bought purposely for the camera, a tunic tank, a neon summer knit-wear, some belts, a pair of sunglasses, and a lip gloss which is totally out of the blue. Don't fret, a separate post on this haul won't be necessary. Figured it's a little redundant so I'd rather bore you with gradual publications if you stay tuned =). But I digress. Mum took us with her to her supplier that day wherein in the area were lots of stores selling the trendiest clothes and accessories imaginable. I thought I died and went to trend heaven. I mean, my heart really started fluttering in excitement; everything around were delicious to my sight and I wanted to go nuts and all out. Took a mental note to go back the next time I'm in the city and to make sure I'm prepared for it. Ha!

Anyway, that 's pretty much about my weekend. Now talk to me. How did yours go? I'd love to know.


  1. i love this outfit!! cute pants =)


  2. Your jeans are so lovely . Inspiration (:

  3. WOW! This amazing! Those jeans are beyond this world!

  4. Amazing look, dear! Very cool jeans!!)

  5. Loooove the jeans!! you look great!

    Anna from Anna's Mirror

  6. Those jeans are so different and cool :)

  7. this trouser is AMA-ZING ! i love the shoes too

  8. Daaaaamn girl, look at those rad skinnies! Haha, I love them! :D
    You look awesome as usual with your snapback and sheer blouse. Always fierce and awesomely cool.
    Trend heaven, huh? Take me next time? ^^

    Trendy Teal

  9. thanks for stoppin by my blog and for the lovely comment.
    i, however, am in love with yours so you get a definite follow.
    btw, i love those jeans!!


  10. I love those heels and your hat so much - so much cool here! x E

  11. These. Are. The. Coolest. Jeans. Ever. Seething jealousy right now, chica;) You always have the greatest clothes! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Hugs & Kisses,

  12. Hot look! You look stunning doll.


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