I've got Nothing to Hide - Take 2

Outfit://Shapewear - c/o Vedette//Shorts - c/o www.zlz.com//shoes - local store//bags - pull&bear and Mango//cap - H&M//cover up - black moss//

Let's spice things up a little bit, shall we? How about a video instead of the typical outfit photos to amuse you all. I teamed up with Vedette again to feature one of their shapewears in another outfit video themed "I've got nothing to hide". Basically this is a campaign that they launched almost two years ago which I pioneered, and it's all about being confident about yourself and your body regardless of any flaws. At the time, I was feeling rather depressed about my body type because I'm not skinny and all. But realizing that I'm not alone and there are people who'll accept me for whatever I am made me accept my flaws. 

I hope you guys enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments. And of course, I finally fixed up my youtube channel so don't forget to subscribe! Penguin and I have ambitious plans this summer and if they're able to materialize, there'll be more videos up. But I'm not making any promises just yet. 

Anyway, if you wanna watch my first "I've got nothing to hide" video, click here! And... Of course video credits all go to my Penguin love. Can't function without him. =)

Happy weekend!


  1. This is so well done Carla! Love the video and you look lovely as always :)

    Trendy Teal

  2. AnonymousJune 21, 2013

    Great video Ms. Carla! You're so pretty! :)

  3. fabolous videos dear ^^

  4. I loved the video and the message! You look very beautiful, who wants to be skinny? Well, some people do because society pushes us to, but no, it's kind of wrong (although I respect people's wishes). You look amazing the way you are and you are perfect! Don;t ever allow anybody to say the contrary! Lovely video!

  5. This video is fantastic! Love it!!

  6. AnonymousJune 28, 2013

    your hairstyle is perfect!



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