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Outfit://To - MPT//Skirt - Local Store//Boots and bag- Cotton On//Bracelets from MPT, Cotton on, and Romwe c/o catsuit-latex//

If it comes down to what my favorite outfit combination is, definitely it's a pairing of skater skirts, loose tops, and boots. I've always loved projecting a tough but girly kind of look and this combination so much does it, which I generally find so alluring, even if I used just the simplest pieces from my closet. Case in point - this outfit. What I did was I picked the plainest black skirt I have, black boots and black bag, and then a bright colored knit to top it all. Nothing fancy there but altogether they look pleasant. In other words, there's no need to try so hard because by default this combination will almost all the time look nice.

On another note, I've been having the most uneventful week and it only means one thing: boring. I mean, isn't it supposed to be summer, and isn't summer supposed to be fun? Whatever happened. It's not like I need to work all day and all week anyway but even if I didn't, there still isn't anything even slightly amusing in this tiny secluded city. And I wonder why I'm here. (Taking a mental note to relocate to a busier, livelier city in a few years' time). Ugh. The only thing I can do is take solace from the fact that I'll be travelling sometime next month with my Penguin love. So July come fast! Anyway how's life been for you all lately? Any summer plans?


  1. Great outfit, perfect as always!

    Anna from Anna's Mirror

  2. this look is absolutely my look amazing in it

    ★ Vendy ★
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  3. You're right! Skater skirts are seriously the best.
    You are so cute and stylish--that last photo is so perfect! And you totally rock the neon and edgy heels. Perfect fierce look!

  4. Awesome shoes! This look rocks!

  5. Stunning outfit!
    Like it very much!
    If you want to follow each other, let me know C:

    Christina Klein

  6. Beautiful outfit!

    I absolutely love your shoes and bag! :)

    Yinyin xx

  7. You always look so cute! I love your top and shoes! I am also having kind of a boring week, but I am learning some things, so it's not lost... but I wish I had more fun! Looking forward to the next week then, hope you have a nice weekend!

  8. So fab and chic. Love it! :)

  9. Love the bright yellow sweater with the rest of the black outfit!
    I just ordered a skater skirt and am so excited to get it :)

    Trendy Teal


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