When in Hong Kong

... the key to dressing up is comfort. I can't deny, people there are fashionable; if anything, it's possibly one of the cities where they go crazy on streetstyle. But I'm not one to confrom, especially on an excursion, visiting only for a day. In Hong Kong, you a lot of walking, and because I'm from Macau, where, although you walk a lot too, isn't very crowded, I find dressing up completely isn't practical. It's a lovely city, I give you that. Just not one of the places I'd like to live in someday. But... I do love to shop there! I mean come on, isn't it one of Asia's shopping destinations? It's got almost everything, from small, independent stores, thrift shops, to large scale and luxurious brands. For someone from Macau with nowhere to go, it's the closest thing to Milan.

Anyway, like I kept repeating, went shopping with Penguin, Chezka, and her BFF, Clark, a few days ago (you can see what I got here). I normally do this with Penguin alone so was pretty excited when Chezka and Clark tagged along. We took the 10AM Ferry and arrived at 11; had brunch first before setting off to our adventure. First stop was Mongkok, where we visited the ladies' market. It's an open air flea market and I have to say our timing was wrong; it being super sunny that day wasn't fun to roam around in the open streets. But, no complains. No pain, no gain, right?...

The main reason we went to this area is to look at vintage/thrift stores. Penguin heard about this one called Me & George which he thought was really cool so I decided to look it up online and took a mental note to visit the next time we were in the city; so we did. And he couldn't be more right - the store was filled with gems! I mean racks and racks of faded and dyed denims; piles and piles of button up shirts, forcks, skirts, and dresses, in gorgeous florals, stripes, dots, and all kind of prints imaginable. I wish I brought my camera with me so I could have taken more photos. But I hadn't and so I had to snatch these copies from Penguin.

You can imagine how Chezka and I went gaga over everything; how we wanted to get everything. And you know what's more enticing? They're so cheap; And I really mean cheap, seeing as they have HKD$5 rack - what a steal! If we only had that one store to visit for the day, I swear I could have finished all my money while we're at it. I'm already thinking of when will I be back to shop for more, but surely I'll be back to get my hands on some ugly sweater before fall.

Next stop was Casueway Bay, of course to visit Forever21. How huge it is made me dizzy, lietrally. Sometimes I think I like smaller stores better because I can easily find what I want. But store in this size, ugh, chaos. I don't know which area to check out first; where to begin; where to look. In the end, my excitement die out and then I end up just liking a thing or two. But still, it's Forever21... like you can't get any cheaper trendy clothes anywhere that there, except for H&M possibly (the divided section), which was our next and last destination.

After H&M, we had dinner before going back to Macau; cut-short becasue Clark had to work overnight. But I think it was just right, given that we were all exhausted from walking the whole day.  

So that's pretty much about our Hong Kong visit. Oh and before I forget, thought I'd share the photo above with  you. I found it hilarious. Can you see what they are??? Haha.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey Carla, I guess my last comment didn't show up. I was saying that your post made me feel so excited because I have a trip to Thailand with a possible stop at Hong Kong. Seeing your photos makes me think that the stop is a must in my trip. Please don't forget to show us your findings.


  2. aaa... wish I could go there

    Miss Aa

  3. Fantastic palace! You look amazing ! Kisses and big hug from Poland :)

  4. Informasi yang sangat bermanfaat banget nih..

  5. ahh i really miss hongkong


  6. Stylish look. Love the cool shorts and the shoes. I would love to go shopping there. Looks like the perfect shopping destination <3


  7. Gorgeous photos.. and hahaha that picture at the end!! Love your shorts too by the way.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

    Emily x


  8. Wow! Looks like it was an amazing time. I would've loved going thrift shopping and going to Forever 21. Got to visit sometime. Great post. Feel free to check out my blog:

  9. I love your shorts! And I just realized I haven't been to a thrift store for too long now :)


  10. Ohhh this looks like so much fun, what a great thrift shop. I get lost in some of the bigger shops too, it's confusing sometimes, you need a whole day to shop there.
    That last photo made me laugh a lot!!

  11. Oh my goodness that vintage shop looks INCREDIBLE.
    I'm going HK in August and I will definitely be paying Me and George a visit! Thanks so much for the post - you've got me so much more excited about HK now! :D

    The last photo is brilliant - hope that brightened your day out!

    Yinyin xx

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    Have a nice day!

  13. Hog Kong soundss Amazing aha I feel so dumb but I didn't know there had thrift shops there and such amazing ones too aha lovely casj look too and that last pic ahaha what saucy pants! xox


  14. Been to HK but it was a short trip and did not explore much. Def will come back soon. Big stores are too overwhelming most of the time. The last pics are too hilarious, some weird ppl will buy them of course. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.


  15. Nice blog!
    I am following you, please follow me back :)

  16. Wow, that Forever 21 store is gigantic! Great post and photos :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  17. wow I wanna gooo

    join my giveaway:http://supongoestilo.blogspot.nl/2013/05/giveaway-beautiful-shoes-of-your-choice.html

  18. Hongkong is amazing! I went there once for a few days. Wish I could've stayed longer... I didn't really pay much attention to the fashion trends at that time because I think I was like....16 haha, and I thought birkenstocks were cool. Loved the city :)


  19. Omgsssssh, that last photo has got me laughing so hard. That's great xD
    I officially want to go visit Hong Kong now.

    Trendy Teal


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