Boracay, Baby!

Outfit://Top and Sandals - H&M//Shorts - c/o //Sunies - Romwe, c/o Catsuit-latex//Bikini - local store in Macau//Hat - local store in Boracay//

And here we are! Did I mention that this place is just heavenly? Oh, yes I did. There's not a minute that I don't enjoy in this beautiful paradise, waking up in the morning to the sound of splashing waves and the fresh sea breeze. Chezka and I found quite the perfect place to stay in, just right across the shore with our balconies overlooking the ocean and the tall coconut trees. I can hardly believe our luck; the weather's been perfect, much to my worries, as the sun is always up during the days and it rains only slightly at night, which is not a big problem. In our three days here so far we've created so much memories already, good ones. I wish I can share with you the silent film thats playing on repeat inside my head, but unfortunately my camera can only capture what my eyes can see. Promise though, there's more to come. 


  1. Seriously, it looks like paradise alright!!
    Glad to hear you're having an amazing time, and you're definitely still doing it in style ;) Haha, love the floppy hat and crochet top

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Ah I wanna go there!
    Your top looks simple yet chic, love xx

  3. love your look...
    if you want on my blog today i show a new website where yuo can create you shoes of dream

  4. fabolous shorts dear
    happy start of week


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