Little India

Outfit://Top - Forever21//Shorts - Pull&Bear//Cardigan and Sunnies - H&M/Bag - Cotton On//Loafers - London Rebel//

If there's a list of things that I would consider worth visiting in Singapore, it would definitely include Little India. Firstly because I'm in awe with its colorful architecture and surroundings... and secondly because the street food here is delightful. I love Indian food! Masala, curry, tandoori, biryiani, and everything in between... I mean, where else can I try them authentic next to India itself? The last time we we're here, I had a phobia. We came in a quite late in the night when most people have gone to bed and all that's left on the streets are Indian men, drinking and looking quite menacing. Although I loved the food, I thought it wasn't a place I'd ever go back to again because of the awkward stares that we got. But I take that back after seeing the place again at the right time of the day. There's something so alluring about it that made me feel like I didn't have a chance to see its real beauty before judging. Luckily, my taste buds won over. And now I can definitely recommend to you all, going to this place  if you're ever in Singapore!


  1. That building is so pretty. That food is making me hungry.

  2. This is so great Carla, I love this place a location for photos and just exploring. Little India is definitely on my list of places to visit if I'm ever in Singapore :)
    Oh, and your tee? Too awesome ;)

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  3. Ohhhhh these buildings are so colourful and amazing, I would love to visit this area. Love these photos
    And your outfit is lovely and bright to match, perfect casual look

  4. Wow, the pictures are really amazing! I love architecture and also vibrant colors, so the mix in Little India is exactly what I like! You look so beautiful, I love your top! Having only "threatening" men on the streets is not good, so I am glad you are OK!

  5. You always show us beautiful places and your pictures are so cool :)

  6. that was a very tempting post and hey! you are so cute!! :)

  7. Great photos, and a chic outfit, love it! :)

    Kisses ♥

  8. Wow what a cool place! I've always wanted to visit Singapore. Adding this place to my list of places to visit!

    City Brewed

  9. whoa, look at all the colors! i would love to visit singapore someday--and will def. make sure to stop by little india.

  10. Amazing pics! Really showing some great places here in Singapore :)
    Hope you are enjoying your stay!

    x Mariana |
    twitter/instagram: @marianabranicio


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