An Army of Flowers

Outfit://Top and belt - Forever21//Skirt - Zara//Shoes - Local Store//Bag - Bershka//Blazer - H&M//Watch - Casio//

I take back what I said about the typhoon and it's barbecue weather; it rained cats and dogs and the wind blew mad! What I hoped for to be a leisurely day off turned out to be a boring one spent brooding at home. But save for the fact that I wasn't able to take pictures because of the gloom, I don't have much to complain about. Anyway, on party matters, I had the craziest drunken experience at Penguin's birthday house party, two days ago. I could swear Chezka and I finished one whole bottle of vodka by ourselves, and then joined the boys for a few shots of whiskey. The next morning, I woke up in Penguin's bedroom, not completely aware of what went down the night before. Apparently I passed out after he'd brought me up from his bathroom floor. I remember throwing up and laying completely helpless, that much I know. But the rest of what happened, he had only to fill me in the next morning. Fortunately, he was there to take care of me when everyone else had gone, haha. I guess there's always room for a first. But remembering how I felt the day after, I'm pretty sure I'd never want that to happen again... totally embarrassing.


  1. Such a cute outfit!

  2. Lovely mix of prints, I never knew flowers and army print work so well together :) ♥

  3. Oh no!! That experience sounds awful. u ___u Though I'm glad maybe you learned your lesson? hahaha, you poor thing!

    Florals and army print... man, this looks cool! I would have never expected two completely opposite things to look so rad together, but they do. I adore the print on your skirt.

  4. You mix prints like a pro! I love the look!

  5. Pattern mixing! I love it! I would have never thought about this pairing but you have opened my eyes. Wonderful. :)

    Also, your hair is divine. Just so you know.


  6. You look awesome perfect mix of prints :)
    Thank you for the kind comment

  7. Damn girl, half a bottle of vodka each and shots of whiskey on top? No wonder you felt horrible! My roommate and I split a vodka bottle a couple nights ago and then downed a couple bitch beers (mmm, love Smirnoffs lol), and I know I don't want to wake up with the feeling I had for quite a while! -_-
    Anyway, LOVE seeing your amazing print mixing skills put to work again. Camo and floral? Who knew. Only you could rock it!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  8. This is amazing pattern mixing, looks fabulous.


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