Another day in paradise

Outfit://Tee - Cotton On//Blazer and sandals  - H&M//Shorts - Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex//Bag - Berhska//

You see the irony of wearing this tee to work? It makes for a sarcastic note especially since I haven't been feeling the least bit inspired with or dedicated to my job as of late. Good thing it wasn't as busy and stressful yesterday as it had been a couple of days/weeks ago, otherwise... But sarcasm aside, It's weekend and I'm in a good mood because the last two days have been all about reuniting with friends.

Three of them from my days back in the Philippines decided to pay me a visit the other day while they're on tour in Hong Kong, and I spent the entire afternoon playing tourist with them. I took 'em to the typical spots to get a glimpse of the charming little Macau I call home, and of course, made sure we made the most out of the few hours they had here, reminiscing old tales and updating each other with new ones. The thing I love about my friends from back at the P.I. is that no matter how long we haven't talked to each other, much less seen each other (3 years to say the least), whenever we are reunited even by mere chance, everything's unchanged, as if it were only yesterday that we were hanging out in our high school campus poking fun at each other. I don't at all feel as if I've missed anything or that they had me forgotten; no awkward I-don't-know-you-anymore moments which could get quite irritating (believe me I should know based on experience with a different set of friends); it's just all about seeing each other again and having fun.

And then the night after was quality time with Chezka and her BFF Clark. Believe me or not but despite me and Chezka working under the same roof everyday, in the same department, of the same position, we barely see each other, all! Last night was such a refreshment when they called and asked me to have a drink at a nearby bar and finally catch up on each other. What better way to begin a weekend than do a girlfriend chill out night? Clearly that set my mood right.



  2. Hi darling, yes i got them in H&M. thanks!

  3. Lol aw I love your tee! I've been feeling very distant from my job lately too. Great that you got to explore your city with your friends! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Haha, omgsh, that is too funny that you'd wear this to work. We say this where I work ALL the time (in an extremely sarcastic way of course). Love it mixed with those rad shorts!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Man, your sense of style is perfection. You just look casual, stylish, and bad ass all at the same time. You should teach me. And also give me those shoes. ;)


  6. Awesome outfit! You look great! I love your tee :)


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