Sexy Wild Thing

Oufit://Top (inner) - Local Store//Shapewear - c/o Vedette//Skinny - Mossimo Jeans//Cardigan - H&M//Bag - Cotton On//Shoes - Local Store//Sunnies - Mango//

I think I'm starting to grow a collection out of these sexy little shapewears, thanks to Vedette. They keep me constantly updated on the latest models and I should say the designs just keep getting better and better; wilder in fact! I'm definitely loving the animal printed ones such as this I'm wearing, and this from my previous post. And because I've gotten to know this product so well already, I'm way past the discomfort of wearing it as an outerwear, even on the way to work. Again I have to say that I don't have the flattest tummy, nor the slimmest waist. But with Vedette Shapewear's magic, I feel more confident and that in fact I am able to wear a low-rise jeans without  worrying of my unwanted bulges showing.

If it isn't that obvious, well I did the Superman on this outfit, wearing an inner-wear over an outerwear, to create a daring yet subdued look. I also picked a top to wear underneath that would blend with and compliment the shapewear, and make a complete statement.

Anyway, I leave you with the rest of the photos of this look. And remember, more shapewears like this can be found on the Vedette store. If you need a little confidence booster or looking for a way to make an outfit a little sexier, visit Vedette's store now!

Have a wild sexy weekend!


  1. I actually really love this outfit -- it's incredibly sexy and classy. The color of those pants is divine and it blends with your top very well. Awesome! :D


  2. *catcall!* Haha, way to rock the inner wear on the outside. Very sexy cool :)
    The burgundy pants are the perfect color to pair with it too

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  3. fabolous top dear...fiercely
    happy week end

    NEW POST!!!
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  4. This is a great combo, love the leopard print shapewear!! And those pants are the best colour :)

  5. Hi dear, great combination, love the styling of the burgundy jeans


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