Green Glow

Outfit://Bomber Jacket - Wynn Signature//Skinny - MPT//Tee - H&M//Cap - New Era//Bag - Nessa//Shoes - Air Jordan//Watch - Casio//

Because these kicks speak loud enough for themselves and are in need of no further introduction, what with all the hype they've been receiving in the world of sneakers, let's skip to the part where I talk about the recent happenings in my life, or the lack thereof in most cases. Not that I've become detached from everything else except work, but clearly I need a new routine to spice things up a little. There is one thing however, that I did quite unexpectedly, and that is I got my second ink job! I wouldn't have thought of so before Chezka even moved on to her third but I felt the need to do it instantly, as soon as I had the chance. And so I did. Well at least I know for sure I still have my wild impulsive side. Will share the result with ya'll soon so stay tuned!

Anyway, that aside, next week is something to look forward to. Be spending a few days off with the family right after my graduation, and perchance the sun is still at bay then, I'll be reminiscing summer days of chilling by the pool, people watching, and food tripping. Just what I need. Oh I can't wait!


  1. love that bag!!


  2. cute bag and hat! and have a great time spending a few days with your family! :)

  3. omg, that's totally like the celine bag or the new phillip lim for target bag. I'm sure you got a much better deal on it though. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :P

    I'm coming to Hong Kong in November and will probably stop by Macau too. There's beautiful sceneries there!


  4. I know nothing about the world of sneakers, but these definitely deserve whatever hype they're getting!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Oh my god! This look is soo cool! I want the jacket and the adorable bag =)

  6. This is really cool. Love your sneakers and bag. :) ♥

  7. Is it weird if I say I love your snapback the most? Haha
    But I really love your jacket too. I'm a huge fan of varsity jackets, so. :)

    Ru|Glitter & Blush

  8. You new ink :) how exciting. You look great love the bomber.
    Thank you for the kind comment, the ginger looked good but was ruining my hair and only looked right for a few days then faded :(

  9. I love your jacket!

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  10. I want to see what you got inked!
    Love the shiny bomber jacket and your cool kicks <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  12. hi carla, thanks a lot for your comment on my blog :)
    i love your style.. tomboy and awesome! and you're so pretty <3
    the bag and shoes really stole my attention :D

    love, agnes.

  13. Hey you look super cool! Love the choice of clothes- not too girly haha.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog too! :)

    Alysia x


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