Eye see you!

Donning a back-to-basics sort-of outfit with skinny jeans, black and white top, and sneakers. What finished the whole look? This Kenzo x New Era cap of course. Nothing beats a pop of red to an overall monochromatic outfit. Penguin and I impulsively purchased each our own, a few days ago when we passed by the Kenzo shop at Four Seasons. Couldn't help it. These caps sell out fast and it's only the second time we were able to find stocks available since the fall'12 collection. Lucky find.

Anyway... It's finally cold! Well, I don't like the extremes but what we're having right now? Perfect for my taste! I'm so excited to bring out my jackets, and layer layer layer. I don't know, I really just love the cooler seasons. It makes me giddy. Maybe because it has always reminded me of festivities and the holidays. And of course it always makes for a good excuse to wear more and more clothes. Always. Do you agree?

Outfit://Tee - Forever21//Blazer and Skinny - H&M//Sneakers - Nike//Cap - Kenzo//


  1. Loving this urban chic outfit, the tshirt is awesome!

  2. Nice, that cap is so cool! I love the unique print and red color. You look amazing as always Carla!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Cool casual look. I love your sneakers and the Kenzo cap. I have to admit that I'm not fond of the cooler seasons. I wish we had 25 degrees all the time :D

    xx Mira


  4. I know! I always love a pop of red in any kind of outfit
    it's one of my favorite accent color :)

    love your tee~

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. I love your Kenzo cap c; Nice outfit really! Xx

  6. Love your look. You Can Enter For Leggings Giveaway On My Blog. Fashion Talks

  7. I love this sporty look. That top is adorable :)


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