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Let me start out by making yet again a big complain regarding Macau's loathsome transportation system. Ugh. I mean, it's a pretty small city. But what I don't understand is that why is it so difficult to get from one place to another? Seriously. It takes forever to hail a cab, and for some reason (well, Grand Prix, that is), the roads are congested, making it really inconvenient to take the public bus to get anywhere. Ugh. And why am I making a fuss about it? Well, I was late for work. And I'm rarely ever late. I hate the feeling. And yet with much effort, I still didn't manage to make it on time. It took me more than an hour which should have taken only at least 20 minutes. Ugh. I don't know. I'm on the verge of cursing this place and mentally taking a note that really, really, I should move out and immigrate to another country. Forever.

Anyway, sorry for my rant. Let's just talk about better things. More important things, like this outfit =). I'm currently digging the combination of blue and green tartan. I was inspired by one of my all-time favorite bloggers' outfit, Andy Torres, and I made a note to recreate the look my own way. This is the result. Fortunately I found the perfect skinnies from Forever21 so I was able to make the outfit happen. And it's really promising, what with tartan still being a big trend, I have in mind much more outfits to create with this pair. So what do you think?

Outfit://Top - MPT//Jacket - Local Store//Skinny - Forever21//Shoes - Local Store//Bag - Nessa//


  1. Your tartan pants looks nice. You pulled this look well. :)

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  2. Great outfit! Lovelove that tartan pants and that
    electric blue blouse c: Xx

  3. You look fabulous, love the adorably cozy coat and chic tartan trousers.

  4. oh lawd those pants are perfect. I love how you paired them with a funky textured coat and bright blue top! It's the perfect blend of class and quirk. :D


  5. I love your trousers and fluffy jacket, you look awesome! X

  6. Ah man, nothing like an awful source of transportation to jog thoughts of moving....that sucks :/
    But on a lighter note, you are rocking these tartan pants! Love the fur jacket too

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. So chic, love tartan!

  8. I love everything in this outfit.Something that I can wear too. :)

    xx Diana

  9. I hate being late! So frustrating!!! But your trousers are super cute!

  10. looking posh !Chiara♥

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  11. Beautiful! That's such a cool way to wear tartan pants! You look very, very chic in this outfit ♥ xoxo

  12. Love the tartan pants! Also love how you paired it with a fur coat!


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