Peter Pan Kisses

At one point, I was so in-love with peter pan collars that I had to invest in a few pieces. But it was a phase. I think I outgrew Neverland quicker than expected so I tugged them all away. Though it does make me feel guilty not to put them to good use because it's a waste, like this top for instance (or the many other forgotten pieces at the back of my closet). I mean, what's the point of having so much clothes if I'm not able to use all of them anyway, right? 

So the other day while I was clearing out the closet and making space for new purchases, I saw this top hanging and realized I had only worn it for at most 2 times. And I wondered why?; because it's actually a pretty-looking top, with the little kisses printed allover. It deserves more exposure than the rest of my plain looking muscle tees, which I think I happen to wear more often than necessary. So I took a note to wear it the following day, and here on, making it a point to use as much of my "rarely" used clothes as possible - a challenge to fulfill.

Outfit://Top - GV2//Jacket- Local Store//Skinny - MPT//Shoes - Cotton On//Beanie - c/o Tabelina//Bag - Nessa//


  1. Your shirt is so pretty hun, love this outfit!

  2. Great outfit dear :D


  3. you look so amazing <3 i'm totally in love with your kissable top :)

  4. Haha I remember being intrigued by peter pan collars, and I'm happy you dug this back out! Love the matching red beanie you paired it with :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. I get in those phases all the time and end up finding myself with a dozen pieces of trend--track pants, peplum tops, peter pan collars--that barely get any wear in the end! This top is adorable and I am glad you gave it another go-round!

  6. Such a cute outfit! I'm obsessed with that red beanie... I think it works well with the overall outfit:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

    Bows & Boulevards


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