Pre-Birthday Trippin'

I'm not the biggest party thrower when it comes to celebrating my birthday. Actually, as much as possible, I like spending the day on my own... just me, myself, relaxing, enjoying, having that self-quality time. So after I turned 18, what I have been doing for the past years is going on little excursions to Hong Kong to shop... either with mum or Penguin, or at least getting out of the city for a change of scene, and then doing an intimate dinner with the family and drinks with close friends. Last year, I traveled to Penguin's dad's hometown in Philippines and celebrated there so I didn't get the chance to spend time with family. So this year, I planned out a way to be able to spend time with the important people in my life.

As pre-celebration, I spent the day in Hong Kong with Penguin, shopping, roaming around, and then we had dinner at an Aussie restaurant in Causeway Bay called Outback. After dinner, we met up with Chezka and Leon who both also happen to be in the city, and then had cocktails, drinks, and did the usual at Lan Kwai Fong. It was a simple get together but I definitely fun.

Now today, as an official celebration, I took the day off from work to spend time with my family, and maybe do some more shopping (yep, yesterday's purchases aren't enough). Also made dinner plans for the family at a popular Thai restaurant called Kruatheque. It's all about bonding today. Hope we'll all have a blast. Will share pictures with you guys of course. Cheers!


  1. looooooove those shoes ! <3

  2. Those are such fun photos! It definitely looked like you were having a really great time! :)
    And you looked totally fabulous, those yellow pants are so, so cool! I would love to have a pair like that for myself! :)
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  3. your post made me hungry!! hope you had a good birthday :)


  4. Gorgeous outfit! Looks like such a fun time visiting Hong Kong with your friends. Adore the yellow harem capri's - maj. x Allura x


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