Waist Knotting

Been on this shirt-knotting-around-waist trend for sometime now. There's just something so familiar about it; maybe it's the fact that I used to do it with my jackets when I was little, I mean that's how it was done in the 90's isn't it? I'm glad it has made a comeback because it makes an outfit look toned-down, if not a little ragged/quirky. My favorite piece to do this with by far is this denim shirt I picked up from Bershka. It has just the perfect length and color. But it wouldn't be so bad with a plaid shirt too. After all, that's what's trending these days.

Anyway outfit aside, I'm about to get ready for an overnight shift. First time? Yes, definitely. I can't say I'm excited but then again I haven't been in the mood to entertain people as of late so I guess I'm hoping that by working at night, I won't have to deal with that. Besides, I'm only doing this once this month so there isn't much to complain about. Yet. Let's just see what happens then. So I leave you for now, until my next!

Outfit://Tee - Forever 21//Skirt - Seventeen//Shirt - Bershka//Jacket - Pull & Bear//Shoes - Queen//Watch - Casio//


  1. Good luck on your overnight shift--I would never be able to hang. Kudos to you! I love your layers here!

  2. Haha, I know, I remember being a little girl and always knotting my jacket around my waist. It was just practical. Now I love how it's becoming a fashion trend!

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  3. love the camo and bomber together here, such a cool look!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  4. looking good :)

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  5. I love the camo shirt with that baseball jacket! Great mix!
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  6. I am loving this combination!! That camo top is so wonderful, such a versatile piece. And I do remember knotting my jackets around my waist like this as a kid too ;)

  7. gosh, such a cute look! i love that letterman style jacket!

    lindsey louise


  8. Love it! I adore the letterman jacket!


  9. Nice look, I really like the camo top! ♥

  10. I know exactly what you are talking about, I was always knotting my jacket around my waist! I absolutely love your outfit, everything look so well put together! Gorgeous shoes.x

  11. Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!gosh, such a cute look! i love that letterman style jacket!
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