The Holiday Outfit Guide

Let's shake things up a little, shall we? How about I skip the usual outfit post and do a "style guide" post for a change. While I was browsing through some of my favorite brands' online stores earlier today, I kept thinking to myself how I wanted to have this piece and that, and how I'd wear this with what... well, not like it's a first. But since the holidays are fast approaching (for those who have, at least) and all the festivities are just around the corner, I can't help but think about what I'd wear to all the upcoming gatherings and Christmas parties. So I had the urge to put together a few outfit ideas for the holidays that I would personally wear, which I hope you can also use as sort of a "holiday dressing" guide. Cheers!

Sequins and sparkly things - OK, I have to admit this one might be a little out there to some. But actually, this is my personal favorite. When it comes to dressing up for special occasions like Christmas, I like to go a bit over-the-top because, well it's not like everyday is a special occasion that you can dress up exceptionally just because. But I also think that because I've gotten used to it - my mom and gran always made sure we had good and presentable clothes for Christmas. They used to buy me little red dresses every year to be worn on Christmas day, and my little brothers would each get a new pair of suit or tux. It's just the way it has been even 'til now. Two years ago, I made myself a dress out of a gold and black striped patterned fabric. Last year, I wore a gold, shimmery, sparkly dress. So for me, Christmas isn't complete without all that glitter.

Now, there's no  need to thrown in every sparkly thing you own all together. It could just be a top paired with a skater skirt, or a pair of shorts paired with a tee. But since it's my pick, I'm going all out. Then throw in a leather jacket and a pair of boots to achieve that "cool chick" vibe. This outfit would be perfect for attending year end parties with friends, specially if you're expecting an after-party.

We all know that tartan is the ultimate "Christmas" pattern - we see it everywhere from Christmas decors to table clothes to gift wrappers... it' part of the tradition. So start digging out old pieces from your mom's closet and find every tartan piece you could wear possible, not just because it's Christmas, but because it has also made a big trend comeback this season. I'm one of the many people that just can't stop wearing it. And since I already own a few (I'm sure you do too!), why not make life easier and wear something you're already familiar with. It's easy enough to style tartan, be it dressed up or dressed down. For my pick, I choose to mix it up with another pattern, dress it up with a pair of feminine heels and gold accents, then warm up in a cozy oversize coat. This outfit would be perfect for attending company year end parties with colleagues and bosses. 

1 - Topshop Tartan Skirt // 2 - Zara Top // 3 - Oversize Coat // 4 - Topshop Clutch // 5 - H&M Chain Necklace // Topshop Heels //

Now if you're really feeling the holiday spirit, you can always find a themed sweater. I used to have a few with a Santa Claus or a snowman in it. Otherwise, you can always wear an "ugly sweater", which in fact I'm looking forward to acquiring one sometime soon! Once you've picked your themed sweater, find pieces that will balance it out so that you won't look like you're wearing a costume. I always trust in leather, hence I pick a pair of leather shorts and leather boots (add stockings underneath if it gets really chilly). If it's not edgy or cool enough, top it off with a beanie... and of course some gold accessories. This outfit would be perfect for attending casual gatherings.

1 - Asos Chain Necklace // 2 - Asos Ankle Boots // 3 - Topshop Christmas Sweater // 4 - Diamond Supply Beanie // 5 - Casio Watch // 6 - Quilted Leather Shorts // 7 - Studded Clutch //

Now, if you're not really big on wearing something that relates to all the Christmas festivities but you just want to attend all the parties and still look tres chic, well... you can never go wrong with a classic black and white combo. For this, I pick striped jeans to go with a gold embellished peplum top because I want drama (over the top, remember?). And then of course I want to look edgy at the same time, hence a pair of strap heels, topped with a statement beanie, and of course, wrapped up in a cozy but cool oversize coat. This outfit would be perfect for a New Year's Eve party.

1 - Peplum Top // 2 - Clutch Bag  // 3 - 7 for all mankind jeans // 4 - River Island Coat // 5 - Alex and Chloe Beanie // 6 - Strap Heels // 

Lastly, if you prefer a more cool and laid back kind of outfit, you can always rely on your most comfortable skinny jeans and trusty brown ankle boots. Pair it with a cute knit sweater, and throw in a leather vest and a fedora to achieve that bit of androgyny. This outfit would be perfect for a warm and cozy Christmas celebration with family at the comfort of your home. 

1 - Pull & Bear Knit // 2 - Jeans // 3 - Pull & Bear Vest // 4 - Topshop Boots // 5 -Zara Hat


  1. Maybe this year I'll be All that glitters fan!!! XO

  2. Love all your fabulously chic picks, the last set is my favourite.

  3. I think wearing sequins might be the best thing about this holiday season! :) I even have a Great Gatsby themed Christmas party at work, which means a lot of pearls and sequins! :))
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  4. Thanks for participating in my last post sweety, it was great to hear your thoughts.

  5. really cute outfit ideas! the second one is my favorite!

  6. All That Glitters and Classic Duo are definitely my favorite sets! Love this idea Carla :)

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  7. All that Glitters is my favorite look! :)

  8. Really cool suggestions. Love your outfit as well.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  9. I'm all for Holly Jolly! :-)

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post!

  10. These combinations are perfect. Gosh, I wish I could wear sequins and sparkles all year long. Or I wish I had somewhere to wear sparkles to. Great styling!


  11. These are perfect. I love the classic one, the sparkly one, and and mixing prints one! :D


  12. really cute outfit ideas!


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