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I'm not a make-up junkie, thank much is obvious. On a regular day at work, I usually just dab concealer on the dark areas under my eyes, and a little bit of foundation before applying soft blush, eyeliner and mascara. During off-duty days, I can manage without putting any make up on. The reason is that I quite prefer the natural look. I like to look fresh as if I've just woken up, gottten out of bed, and made no care for the world whatsoever I look like when going out. It's a good thing there are products that are perfect for a natural makeup look. My go-to is Max Factor because they have certain products, like foundation for instance, that is exactly the same shade of my skin tone. But I also discovered the wide selection of mineral cosmetics range from Mii, which I think one might find suitable for every skin tone (and is available from this site). As it was recently introduced to me, I have yet to try their products. But I already have some picks from their catalog, with consideration what items and colors I use for my make up on a daily basis.

I can't live without concealer and mascara - those are my two ultimate must-haves and needs. But otherwise, these are my everyday necessities: 

1) base/foundation that is exactly like my skin tone
2)eye-shadow in really light shades
3) soft blush in pink or in the summer, tan
4) black eyeliner pen, or what I've started using lately - gel
5) black mascara
6) ... and really really pale or transparent, lip gloss. 


While we are in the topic of discussing make-up, I happen to have had a short make-up fix by one of YSL's make-up artists at a Beauty Bazaar that Chezka and I attended while in Hong Kong for Fashion Week. It's a totally different look that I sported in contrast to my usual daily make-up look. So watch out for my upcoming post where I'll talk more about it! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Don't know the brand but they look really nice! :)

  2. Oooh, I haven't heard of this brand but I'd like to try that lip gloss!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

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  4. I'm the same, love the natural make up look!!! XO

  5. Thanks for sharing! :) great photos!

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