Half and half

[Blazer : H&M][Bag : H&M][Shoes : Forever 21][Sweater : Zara][Skinny : Forever 21][Necklace : Cotton On]

Guess what I did today? ... Shopping!!! Imagine my face with a big wide grin plastered on it.
Well, this is what happened. My mom made a last minute call to me yesterday saying that she was headed to Hong Kong for a company dinner and was staying over for the night, but she'd be all alone in the hotel room and wanted company afterwards. Would I be able to go after her when I got off my shift? Yes of course! Although my stomach hasn't fully recovered, I knew the following day could provide the ultimate therapy I needed, so I agreed. And I couldn't be more right. Apparently a quick trip to Forever 21 and some random stores down Prince Edward can cure a stomach bug. Thanks to the lunar calendar, payday came a little earlier than usual this month. And now I'm all well! =)

I wanted to do a haul of my acquisitions today. But while I was preparing so, I remembered I still had these images in my draft posts bank. These were actually taken some weeks ago when I wanted to show you, and I was wearing, my purchases from the few trips I made to Hong Kong before and after the new year, and when Zara went on crazy in December. Well I guess by now you've already seen them individually - the cutout boots, the sharp neon bag, and the cozy sweater that is now labeled as a basic go-to. Anyway, I'll do the haul some other time then, so stay tuned! In the meantime, since I have but only 3 photos to share in this post, I invite ya'll to take a look at Penguin's Hong Kong Fashion Week visuals on www.pvnguin.com. There's plenty more images to see so check it out now! =)



  1. I don't know what do I like more pants or boots! Can't wait to see that haul!!! XO


  2. Beautiful!


  3. Glad you're feeling better! Shopping has always DEFINITELY helped me feel better! I love your trousers!

    1. thanks so much Frannie! Shopping is always the key, isn't it hehe!

  4. Good to hear you are recovering! Your day of shopping sounds like a great time! I adore this outfit, your tartan print pants are amazing!


    1. thanks so much rebecca, i sure did have a great time!

  5. Great pants
    stay blessed
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  6. i love those skinny pants!!! they're so in right now! would you like to follow each other? x

  7. awesome pants, i just bought a pair of plaid ones almost identical haha! great minds ;)
    anyway, loving this outfit, looks amazing!


    ♥ Ellen
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  8. Love your heels and pants so much!


  9. oh wow… beautiful.. love those pants…



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