And my HKFW diary continues... (see Day 1 here)

Day 2.

It was a little more relaxed than the previous. Chezka and I, again, skipped the shows during the day and decided to start off by attending a local event, "Beauty Bazaar", at a private club in Lan Kwai Fong area called Prive. We were greeted by a long queue of people waiting outside of the club for entry. We made our places at the end of the line, and at exactly 7PM, the bouncers let us in. Contrary to what I expected the place to be, big and bright, given that it was a beauty bazaar they were hosting, it was actually a intimate little club and was really dark. Well, what was I thinking, it was a club after all. But they did well setting up the lights at the proper angles and locations anyway, since I was still able to take quality images and the make up artists/nail artists were able to do their jobs.

As a beauty bazaar, the event was all about shopping and being pampered. There was a free mani service provided by The Nail Library, and a free makeup service by the YSL makeup team. The mani service was immediately packed and fully booked in an instant. However, the makeup service wasn't as popular, so I was able to sit down and get my make up done by Karry Mok of YSL (thank you!). Honestly, I've never don red lips before, so this was something very new to me. But I loved it nonetheless, and in fact maybe sometime soon I will buy the same shade of lipstick that she put on me.

We didn't stay long at the Beauty Bazaar. After my make up sesh, we took a quick round looking at the other booths, including one of Carmen Chan Jewelry, and then headed to HKCEC to catch the I.T. High Street Fashion Show.

This one thing, upon arriving at HKCEC, we realized how different the crowd and atmosphere was compared to Day 1. Majority of the show attendees were of our age category, were dressed a little less glamorous, and more streetstyle - up to the extreme; there were colorful sneakers here and there, big floppy hats, caps, sneakers, and avantgarde-looking pieces of clothing everywhere; I saw men in heels; hairstyles of various cuts and colors, the most prominent being bleach blonde. I was definitely in awe.

So we got in, took our places inside the Grand Hall, and the show started. The first label under the I.T. brand to show was 5cm. There was so much black, white, and red... like punk-meets-ninja kind of theme if that makes sense at all. I like that most of the looks, sans face-cover is very ready-to-wear for everyday, especially the womenswear. 

The next label to show was Mini Cream - very cutesie patootsie with lots of golds and metallic embellishments. Personally, I wouldn't wear these pieces, even individually. But I think the collection was very interesting and the theme was really fun. Then came the collection by label Musium DIV. By far, this was my favorite collection from the whole I.T. Brand, specially since lately, my style is going on the direction of high-street fashion. There were so many pieces that I thought I'd wear individually, given the chance. It was all about black and white, the fundamentals of streetwear; studs, spikes, graphics, numbers... I just loved almost everything, even the menswear. Had Penguin been with us to see the show, he would have swooned. 

Finally, the show ended with the collection by To some I guess the theme was a bit underwhelming; call it a little dead but to me, this was intriguing. The first model came out topless, with nothing but just a pillow to cover her above, and a big big skirt to go with it. Then the next one came, and the next, and the next, moving really slow, as if sleepwalking; almost dreamy. I just loved it.


(Hong Kong Actress Kelly Fu being interviewed by press before she headed to walk down the runway)

Mini Cream

Musium DIV

Of course, I was on full streetwear gear, wearing a camo jacket from Asos Men, Skirt from Seventeen, Nike Sneaker, Pull & Bear Tee, Bag from Nessa, and cherry on top - Kenzo Cap. 

Now stay tuned for day 3 & 4!


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