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[Skirt and sweater : from local stores in Hong Kong][Boots : local store][Basg : Nessa][Watch : c/o bornpretty][Bag : Nessa][Necklace : Cotton On]

OK, forget the haul for now, I'll do that sometime soon. It's a little impossible for me to resist not wearing what I recently scored and take photos with the first chance I got, which is exactly what I did. More so, I can't hold back sharing the results so here they are =). Can't help it. I'm like a little girl when it comes to having new stuff; the shallow happiness it gives, making me giddy giddy. You have to agree, we're all materialists one way or another, and it so happens that my interests lie in clothes. That satisfying feeling.

So here's the ice-breaker - black sweater and electric printed skirt. I know what you're thinking, its another monotonous outfit. But it's the sleekness, you see. Minimalism in effect.  The sweater may be just another plain black sweater, but the glossy quilted detail on the shoulders gave it so much edge and made all the difference. Talk about Givenchy inspired, I think it's the ultimate black sweater investment to make, only for a fraction of a high-end streetwear brand price. And don't get me started on the skirt - the print, the structure, the length, the way it bounces - when I saw it at the store, I knew I found love at first sight. 

Now, while we're on the topic of discussing new stuff, I'll take it this moment to show you this cute "treble clef" watch that the kind people at bornpretty sent to me recently (thank you!). Besides it being a little to loose for my skinny wrists, I simply love it because it screams me, leather, gold, music and all. I mean, I'm not a watch person (unless it's one of those gold-plated Michale Kors that I've been coveting for so long), you can tell because I barely ever change my casio save for the occasional accessory watches I steal from my mom's store. This, however, is a great alternative which I can now replace my casio with. 

Well, I guess I've written enough for today so I'll stop now and leave you to enjoy the rest of this set. Oh, and I'll still do the haul, don't fret. There's still plenty to show ya'll! =)


  1. Adore this urban outfit, the skirt looks great on you and love the uber cool shoes!

  2. I have little to no reserve when I buy a bunch of new cute stuff. I love the skirt!

  3. This outfit is gorgeous doll! Love the monochrome and the print on your skirt is so stunning! Such a lovely jumper too! Sweet post chick xo


  4. Ohhh love the shoulder details on this sweater!! It looks amazing with that printed skirt :)

  5. Yup, it's the subtle details of basic pieces that make them so much better! I love the quilted shoulders and really love the minimalistic yet stylish outfits you showcase. You've definitely got your style nailed! Haha, and yes, I'd experience love at first sight if I spotted that skirt too <3

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  6. Your shoes are crazy, I love them! Perfect match with the skirt :)

  7. pretty as always ! :)
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    i would really appreciate it if you would take a look . Thanks :)


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  8. I love that skirt and the bag is just perfect! :D

  9. Such a coincidence you're Filipino! I don't know why I always feel strongly about my 'kababayans' but it's true, and I'm so glad I found your blog in the big, sometimes scary world that is the Internet. You are such a beauty, and I love how you dress up! Next time I fly to Macau/HK we should meet up!



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