Life lately: Auto-pilot mode

[Shirt : Customized Thrifted][Coat and pants : MPT][Boots : Local Store][Shawl : Mirror][Bag : Nessa]

Like any other roster cycle consisting of a week-long overnight shift, my body is completely flicked into zombie-mode; no exercise, no proper nutrition, and most of all sleep deprived. The gray weather isn't helping either. If it were existent, I believe I'm functioning in auto-pilot, wherein, I pretty much sleep all morning, wake up late in the afternoon, eat, shower, watch a movie or visit Penguin if I could, work, then repeat everything allover again. So excuse my recent non-committal posts; other than a failed attempt shoot a midst one particularly gloomy day, I have only but to show my life lately as seen on instagram.

This is how I've been rolling.


I daresay I'm getting the hang of it (the overnight shift part, that is).

Besides the obvious, workload is amply tolerable at night, more so because there are no bosses and overly annoying guests to deal with. I'm at peace. If only this could be done during the day. 

Then again I was never the morning person, so sleeping in until late noon and getting things done, to say there is, afterwards is patently preferable. Now I just have to relish the moment, with - sadly and gladly -  three more nights to go, before the regular day shift is in effect and I turn into an actual zombie.


  1. this outfit looks so great! animal coat is amazing :) awesome blog's design!

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  2. Love the boots!
    The outfit is perfect as always.

    Kisses from Venezuela.
    Cindy González.

  3. I'm sure that is a major adjustment. I hope it all works out sooner than later! Nutrition and sleep are two of the most important things to focus on. I love your coat.

  4. You look really original and chic, that scarf looks absolutely great) Those photographs are adorable!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  5. LOVE this outfit! You look so cozy & chic! :)

  6. Ugh, sounds like work is wearing you out too. Gotta love turning into a zombie ;)
    Anyway, loooove that leopard coat and the cut out boots!
    Just another awesome like usual Carla <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Your leopard coat is so luxurious, looks fantastic and I like the edgy shoes.

  8. I understand you so well, I'm very dysfunctional when the weather is grey too many days in a row. Can't wait for the spring to properly come already! I love your look here, it's so simple but yet fun. Leopard print always works. ♥

  9. great outfit.. love love love the coat…


  10. great post! :)
    you've got a lovely blog!
    would you love to follow each other? we could follow via GFC or via email and also on another socials like twitter instagram or lookbook

    just let me know on my blog :)


  11. Cool combo, like your leo jacket, have a nice weekend doll!


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