Dear Sunshine

[Pinafore worn as skirt : Vintage][Tee : Pull & Bear][Jacket : Roxy][Shirt : Bershka][Oversize Cardigan : MPT][Boots : Local Store][Bag : Cotton On][Sunnies : H&M]

Why hello there, sunshine! And here I thought I'd never see your light again. The verdict was that you've gone away to a far off place where it's summer and you were much needed. Can't deny that I'm overjoyed to see you again but I'm doubtful of whether you're here to stay. 

What is with you anyway? 

You're like the bad boyfriend I never had who makes promises for a beautiful day. It's one of the reasons why I roll out of bed and put on my best dress because next to Penguin, you have a way of making my otherwise gloomy day a little more significant. But then always, or almost always, you never fulfill. And as per usual while I'm on the verge of giving up, here you come reeling me in.

You're a bad example of a friend because I can never count on you. But all the same we have this love/hate relationship that I can't suppress because always, and always, whenever you're around, you have a way of making me smile (what makes for great photos, right?). 

I'm writing to you because you've done it again. And damn, I'm impressed. But surely this is all temporary? Lead me on but please don't make me cling.

Signed by Yours Truly


  1. Nice outfit! I like your cardigan! ^^
    Salut, Kera

    Coquet élégance

  2. Absolutely loving this layering! The outfit is way cool ♥

  3. I feel the same way about the sunshine, I wish it would just stay around all the time!
    Love this layered look, it looks great!

  4. Haha, good comparison to a bad boyfriend with that sunshine! Love the plaid you're rocking :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. cool outfit!
    just stop by, have a nice day.


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