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[Top: Pull & Bear][Skirt : MPT][Shoes : c/o Sammydress][Necklace : Gift]

Having my musically inclined family (and extended family) to thank for, I give music much regard as I do fashion. It's played an essential part of my life for as long as I can remember; possibly even way before I was born, in a manner of speaking. See, my mother was in band when I came into her life, so naturally I have a heart for it. Most people wouldn't know how I can't dwell without, but the countless hours spent locked up in my room learning guitar chords, labeling music sheets and keyboard keys, turning up the volume of the amplifiers, eventually driving every person in our household mad is what I credit for my persistence and determination in pursuing what I love. No better way to put what practice makes perfect is all about.

Unfortunately for us average individuals with a day-to-night shift rotation job, time is a luxury. And because I can’t afford that unutterable excuse anymore after I stopped being a high school student, I resign. As if running a fashion blog isn’t already consuming enough. Well, at least for now.

Anyway on this particular day, I was nostalgic; after a #throwback of watching a Stacie Orrico concert from 2004 while hanging with Penguin at the studio where he works, I picked up the guitar, struck a few rusty chords that my fingers could manage, and sang along. Little did I know he was documenting (and that’s to saying why I shy away from his presence whenever I play in as much as I can). But yes… a few snaps and a candid video clip of me shamelessly singing to the words of "Stuck", which, pray he doesn't show to anyone.


Oh well, at least these photographs turned out fine.

But aside from the obvious, the rest of the day lasted without any other musicality necessary. Just a regular off-day well spent. Be hopeful though. Sometime soon I might just afford the luxury of time to gather enough materials for a "real" musically inclined post where I'm actually playing and someone's singing. Let's see. =)


  1. super outfit and nice photos:)) x

  2. that's so cool that your mom was in a band, and super cute outfit!
    Deejay Speaks
    She Has The Eye

  3. I love this outfit, and I can't wait to see a post of you playing. :)


  4. Oooh, love your passion for music and the documentation of it Carla!
    I know, it sucks not having much time for anything anymore, huh? -_- I'm so tired of it!
    Anyway, still dressing fabulously, haha, love the tribal skirt and blue boots <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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