[Pull and bag: Random store in Hong Kong][Skirt and jacket: Local Store][Necklace : Stradivarius][Boots : Forever 21][Beanie : Daiso Japan]

Over the past week, I have taken it upon myself to accept the current (and overly redundant topic discussed here) grey situation we're having. And so rather than mope about, mainly for the fact that it doesn't do well with photographs, I decide that nothing can be done but associate myself with colors resembling the sun. It can, after all, take only so long before this so-called winter is over. So for now, I succumb and wait.

Meanwhile , I have come to another realization.

Having accepted all sides of negativity that the week has brought about, I found yet another way to make my graveyard shift interesting and useful at the same time. 

I started reading novels online. 

Two nights in a row and I am now in the middle of the second book of the Divergent Trilogy (Oh yeah, these things never fail to make me giddy). But how haven't I done this so before? Imagine how many novels I might have already finished if then?... 

Anyway, no point in turning back. But so to speak, has anyone of you read the said trilogy? I'm currently hooked, even more so because the first installation movie is coming soon. Who else is excited, huh? I am. 

Now back to my reading.


  1. Love the bright pop of orange and your necklace is so pretty! Great outfit

  2. cute hat...Always love your looks
    happy week end

  3. Glad to hear you're making lemonade from lemons! We've had pretty good weather but the winter does indeed seem never ending! I love your skirt!

  4. I adore this statement necklace you're rocking Carla!
    Also, cheers to finding online reading! Haha, I read the first Divergent book but haven't continued in the series yet. But now that you've mentioned it...I'm tempted to run over to B&N and find it...hehe

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Aw lawd, the orange is just perfect for brightening up the photos. :D



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