Alex Wang, Check!

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No, no, I haven't lost my mind and spent half a fortune on a piece of (yes, though worthy) Alexander Wang tee. As much as I'd love to indulge myslef in a little guilty pleasure as this, my conscience could never bear it. 

And so begin my hunt for the cheaper alternative.

Twice checked online stores, the likes of Asos and Romwe; a run through the new arrivals of Zara, Bershka, and Pull & Bear; a quick stop at Monki, and... alas, no luck. But as heaven would have it, one of the little stores I discovered while in Hong Kong last Saturday granted my wish - an all-white neoprene boxy  tee, sans the sheer fabulousness of the original design but with a soft breathable jersey fabric, hung perfectly on the rack for waiting for me  - the last of it too! Talk about match made in heaven, that's what it felt like. If mum hadn't any business to do in that area, because the store happen to be right next to one of her suppliers, I wouldn't have met my match. Ha! I exaggerate, of course. 

But kidding aside, I have to say that not only this piece from the Alexander Wang S/S'14 ready-to-wear collection caught my attention. Nearly everything did. I mean, who wouldn't easily see the references taken from, but a kid of the 90s herself, or as you might call, a self-proclaimed one? Yes. I am a fan of logos, midriffs, and the androgyny of button ups over tailored shorts. So put all these in one collection and I'd say what's not to love?

Now what about yo - what do you think of this collection?


  1. A very chic and trendy shirt, I think an alternative and less costly version will be perfectly great!

  2. Cool post and I like that grey skirt! Have a nice day!

    Coquet élégance

  3. I think it's really awesome, mostly cause as you I love androgyny and logos. And neoprene+mesh, oh my, especially when the thing is kinda sexy but still on the good side of weirdness. Love it!


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