Cunha Street Taipa Village

[Jacket : c/o Rosewholesale][Sneakers : Nike Roshe][Skirt and bag : Cotton On][Pull : Local store in Hong Kong][Necklace : Stradivarius]

In the context of my job, I have often been asked of where to go when in Macau, to which I reply by default with recommendations of places that I personally, often, try to avoid. They aren't that bad  - for a city this size, it's a marvel to have plenty of world-recognized heritage sites on top of the massive casino hotels. There's just something about flocks of tourists flooding every possible corner of a then serene town and all their clamour that make me dizzy and queasy. Leave me to deal with that at work but I'd rather not ask for more.

Cunha street is of those places that sat in tranquility before the glitz and glamour brought about by the gambling business. What was once a rural area left with traces of the Portuguese era, once home to some native Patua speakers of the Macanese Diaspora and few family-owned little authentic restaurants, is now nothing more than a heavily populated and commercialized tourist spot. If not to satisfy our taste-buds  on occasional Portuguese cuisine cravings and a little Dutti fix, Penguin and I steer clear of this area as much as we can.

On this particular morning however, en route to work, Penguin and I decide to pass through Cunha street as it happens to be the quickest way to reach Cotai. It must be the  grey weather or that it was barely noon but I was surprised to see that the place was rather empty. Except for a teenage couple on one corner, a man walking his dog, shop keepers prepping their stores to open for the day, and a a few by-passers like ourselves, I stood in the middle of it all, owning the place - and it was such as refreshing sight! It got me to ponder on when was the last time I have seen such places in Macau so deserted - midnight perhaps? But even the Carmel park next to Cunha is frequented by teenage drunks and sneaky lovers. In that regard, here was my chance to take photos without interference. And so I did. =)

For the record, I like the fact that Macau is growing well - we're almost visible on the world map so to speak, not to mention ten times richer. But sometimes I just feel like I want my old city back you know - quieter, simpler, and less crowded - it would have sufficed. Oh well.

Anyway, if any of you ever plan a visit here, do feel free to ask me for any advice on any local matter. I promise I'll give you my own personal recommendations, not by the book. =)


  1. Great outfit of the day:)) x

  2. Well, this place looks pretty darn snazzy! I love how your photos always have this rich brightness to them, like I could actually be standing right next to you. You own that place, lady! OWN IT! YEAH!

    Really sweet cardigan you've got and I adore that necklace, too!

  3. Haha I'm counting on you to be honest with me if I ever visit (which I actually do hope to do one day...who knows, I'm trying to plan out some trips in the future).
    Anyway, hooray for getting the street (for the most part) to yourself. Haha, sounds like a rare thing for sure.
    Love the sporty tennies with your chic outfit!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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