Last of Winter

[Tee : Zara][Skinny : Local Store in HK][Jacket : Mirror][Boots : Forever21][Bag : Nessa]

About time really - to my satisfaction, Macau has been basking underneath the glorious sunshine over the past few days that even I must admit our little section of China has, in a matter of days, transformed from dull to it's former charming state. The only drawback to this is that I haven't had the opportunity to frolic around, camera in hand, as Penguin and I have been working our butts off twenty-four seven. But... no room for complains. The weather's just too good to waste on a bad mood.

As it is, walking around in a furry outerwear in the midst of heat doesn't seem to be ideal, and so people must have rather wondered why in the world is a yeti out on the loose. Yes, sue me. To my defense, I wasn't expecting the first day of spring to hit us just like that, and I came to work like this in the early, chilly, dawn. But now in the know, this might as well be the last time you'll see me in this jacket and knee-high boots, as I've made plans to tuck away all my winter belongings until the need for them again. And doing so very gladly.

Now, in the context of season-transition, allow me to say what I've been meaning to do so once and for all: 
Hello Spring! You've always marked the beginning of a fun-filled year ahead and now that you're here, it's time to make plans. Joyful plans. Big plans. Travel plans. Wait for it!

Cheers, cheers, cheers!


  1. Hi there. Your outfit looks great. I like your way of wearing black-and-white. It's THE-color trend this year, and there are so many versions of it on blogosphere, but I like yours the best. Have fun in Macau. My aunt goes there a lot, and she says it's a nice place.
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  2. I love this outfit! It's perfect for heralding the death of winter -- hopefully, soon, cause I'm all done with snow.


  3. super:)) and BIG GIVEAWAY on my blog->

  4. Absolutely fabulous look, I love the jacket so, so much! And the pants are way cool with the print! ♥

  5. Happy Spring darlin! Yes, most definitely time to put away our winter clothes (thank goodness)! This is the perfect way to end the winter season with a bang!

  6. Welcome spring!
    Aha, one last wear out of the yeti jacket is always good. Love it with those print skinnies too <3

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