Should I buy these pair of heels?

Photos taken from Aminah Abdul Jillil // Songofstyle // Viva Luxury // Atlantic Pacific

In the lifestyle required of a fashion blogger, shopping isn't a choice but a necessity. There's always something so energizing about acquiring fresh new picks to style for an outfit post and ultimately blog about. It doesn't even have to be a full look - a statement necklace, a pretty skirt, sick pair of boots - one would totally suffice.

Unfortunately for us average individuals with limited funds, there's a line between what we can afford and what we choose to afford. And so in that regard, I have become quite the indecisive shopper, partly because I find a great amount of joy in purchasing pretty things for a minimum price - the way I see it, the cheaper you had it for, the prouder you should be - and partly because I cannot resist the allure of real covetable luxurious items that I have always, almost given into.

In that effect, I'm faced with this dilemma: 
Should I or should I not purchase this fabulously looking bow pumps by Aminah Abdul Jillil?

I am irritatingly, incredibly, overly, obsessed with these that I haven't been able to get them off my mind. For three days now, I'm battling myself because I can't weigh in the pros and cons in buying. They're pricier than the ordinary pair of heels I'd normally purchase but, let's be honest, these aren't just ordinary heels - point taken. Also, Penguin thinks they aren't too expensive, considering that I would pay for almost just as much as I would for a pair of sneakers (Jays, anyone?). So yes, justified. 

But is adding $80 for shipping on top of the price, plus receiving them after a month and half justifiable? 

Enlighten me, please...


  1. Oh jeez, that's a tough one Carla...I know what you mean about trying to figure out what's worth the investment or not!
    Those bow pumps certainly are gorgeous though, and always take into account how often you would wear them. If worn enough, they would balance out their pricey cost.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Hi Carla! Thank you so much for stopping by :) I agree with Linda, this is a tough one. I am always faced with the same dilemma: Currently I'm obsessed with those valentino rockstud pumps and I'm close to order them. The bow pumps are fab and definitely an eye catcher, but keep in mind like Linda said before: Are you going to wear them frequently? And most importantly: Do you have lots of pieces or looks which would match well? That's what popped out in my mind though. ;)

    Rathana xo

  3. they're very beautiful! i'm like you.. i have some boots on my mind from ASOS for more that a week ago and i haven't decided yet if i should buy it

  4. I would definitely say make the decision in light of how much wear you would get out of them. You know, cost per wear, and if you think you'll wear them enough to make the price worth it, go for it! It took me awhile to learn this one. There are so many gorgeous shoes I fall in love with, but I then ask myself "are you really going to wear those more than twice in your life?" More often than not, the answer is no, which makes me feel at peace then when I decide not to purchase them, and spend my money on something I'd get more use out of.


  5. well those shoes are a killer, wish I can buy them too.
    however if you like them why not buy them but who knows if you wait a few month other shop will have similar ones

  6. Oooh that's a tough one Carla. No doubt they are stunning, but how often will you wear them? I feel like you are restricted to skirts/dresses. For me personally, it wouldn't make sense because I don't wear skirts/dresses too often, but it may be different for you. And $80 shipping sounds insane:/. Sorry, I probably didn't help much, but if you truly love them and can't stop thinking about them....I say buy these beauties.


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