Tweed and Blue

[Coat : Wanko (similar here)][Tee : Zara Basics][Skirt : c/o Front Row Show][Shoes : c/o Pink and Pepper][Bag : Nessa][Necklace was a present]

Surely you understand this fascination I have with electric blue in all its glory? Mira Duma would have been proud, as it so happens that I have her fabulousness to thank for this obsession... and of course my mum for supplying the hardware. Here I thought we had completely different tastes in clothes but I take it this time we found common ground - thanks for the jacket mum! I suppose there's an inner woman in me somehow (say that again?) just not quite ready to come out.

As for Mira, well... you can always Google her outfits in blue.

Meanwhile, let's talk about shoes. 
Before Pink and Pepper and this pair before it, I have no qualms in admitting that I wasn't a fan of peep-toes or anything toe-revealing for that matter, as it would only fuel Penguin's endeavors to make fun of me. See, he has a thing for staring at toes which annoys me to the bones. Solution? Hide my toes at all times, save for summer in sandals and flipflops that is, to his satisfaction. In our earlier years together, it would have resulted in an argument. Now, I'd simply, maturely, respond with an eye roll.

Perhaps it's the blogger in me that agrees to always make an exception that I come full circle with this non-existent relationship I have with peep-toes - never say never, right?. After all, for a perfect winter-spring transitional pair as this, who would decline? 


  1. Everything about this outfit is bomb. I love the bright cobalt blue of your coat. That tweed skirt is amazing but those shoes, are phenomenal. Love it beautiful girl :)

    The Indie Byline

  2. I've never considered myself a blue fan colorwise, but wouldn't you know it is the color I have most of in my closet? Crazy. This coat is gorgeous. And I love the skirt and booties!

  3. Hahaha! Omgsh, that thing with Penguin and toes is hilarious xD
    I remember my parents story of how they met, and dad says that when he walked into mom's shop in the Philippines, she was sitting on a counter with her flip flops on, and he noticed how cute her feet were. Now it's a long running joke for them whenever she walks around barefoot.
    Anyway, glad you gave the open toed trend a try! These shoes are perfect and I adore the blue coat you rocked with this outfit <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. I love everything about this look - so trendy! But the neckpiece truly stands out :)
    PS : New Outfit post up on my blog -

  5. THESE SHOES ARE WONDERFUL AND PERFECT! I want it! Love the color and the peep-toes. I do really like that kind of shoes <3
    That blue is really pretty and Mira will be proud of you girl ;P


  6. You look fantastic- blue suits you so well and your feet look super cute in those shoes


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