Boyish Gypsy

[Jaket : Vintage][Shorts : Forever 21][Tee : Zara][Hat : Forever 21][Boots : Local][Bag : MPT]

Should the play by play of Coachella activities be having an extended effect on my way of dressing, this is the result - though generally speaking, I'm not the type one might call "bohemian". There's just something about the free-spirited look that appeals to me from time to time, especially when summer's around the corner and all I see on instagram are visuals of sun, sea, and sand (stop it already, I'm envious enough). That and my visits to Natalie Suarez's blog which, though infrequent, never leaves me short of gypsy inspiration.

For this particular outfit, I grabbed the first white thing I saw in my closet, which is this Zara tee, and then this tribal-esque patterned shorts to go for that comfy, laid-back look. The vest was a last minute-addition after much deliberation on my part in light of looking less haphazard, or a lazy bum rather. Then topped off with a hat, a pair of boots, and voila, another heat-bearing, sun-soaking-appropriate garb

Now, anyone else still reeling the festival fever? Let your hair down, put your hands up, and dance with me! Woooh!


  1. Amazing look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and FB?

  2. I can see the boho vibe here--I think it's the denim vest and the tribal print of the shorts. Regardless--I like it!

  3. Looks like you've got everything put together! Love the irony of a boyish gypsy! xx

  4. Yup, I'm still in the free spirited bohemian mode! With summer right around the corner, it's getting stronger.
    Haha, anyway, loooove these tribal print shorts - SO GOING ON MY WISHLIST!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. Cute shorts and vest. Love how you accessorized this look!

    The Marcy Stop

  6. Cute outfit, great booties. Thanks so much for your visit and comment

  7. Wow amazing boho look. Esp. love the shorts and the hat!

    xx Mira

  8. ohh I LOVE those shorts here, the print is so fun, and they go perfect with your denim jacket!


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