Citrine and Sapphire

[Top : H&M][Skirt : Forever 21 - similar here][Jacket : Cotton On][Shoes : Local Store][Bag : MPT][Sunnies : Local Store]

When you live in a city that won't let you decide what is a proper outfit to wear given its climatic disorder, you definitely will develop that "irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day". As is my case every single day. Certainly I don't just dress to impress, but what I fear most is not being able to document my outfit to share with you on this blog. This jacket has been hanging in my wardrobe for months now and hasn't seen the first light of day because it's only too thin to actually shield me from the cold winds. Of course I wouldn't want to be caught off guard when it is seemingly warm but not - as it has happened to me too often. But finally... finally... the perfect sunny day to wear it has arrived; the kind that doesn't really prompt you to put on a bikini and head straight to the beach, but the one that actually let's you dress transeasonal.

Talk about a sartorial state of limbo - I think I've been on this transitional stage for ages now.

But... in the context of having a beautiful day, I'd rather not ruin in by ranting, nor make this post a chore by trying to write more when there really is nothing else I can think of saying more. My mind is on chill/rest mode so let's just pick up on the next post where I leave you right now. Until my next!

Good night!

P.S. Get this skirt still available on my pop up store! 


  1. I completely get that fear. I don't dress for others either, but there are some outfits that just SHOULD be documented! This one is cute. I love the floral bomber and studded bag!

  2. Complementary colors of blues & oranges are always lovely together. And congrats on finally getting to wear your bomber! I'm sure you anticipated it long enough. Great look!

    Neon Fox

  3. Love this jacket Carla! The unique print is great, and I love that the hints of blue match your skirt perfectly.
    Ha, sorry about the crazy weather! Let's hope it stables out for you soon

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Love this look very cute. I totally get your fear on not being able to document an outfit.

  5. Love how you styled those shoes! xx

  6. Cute, lovely color.

  7. Ang ganda mo at ng jacket mo. Aaaah! <3

  8. Lovely! I really like the sandals!

  9. Gorgeous looks, you're so spot on with the colors again! I love your sense of style so, so much! ♥

  10. Love that outerwear! So pretty. :) Great outfit. Thanks for sharing!

    Really appreciate it if you could visit my blog.

    Let me know if you've followed me!
    I follow everyone back. :)

    Sandy | SMXYC: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion.

  11. I loveee the whole outfit! Great mixing and matching skills. That shade of blue is pure perfection and that studded bag is so edgy!


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