Purple Blossoms

[Shirt : Romwe][Shorts : H&M][Heels : Queen][Sunnies : H&M][Bag : MPT]

Theoretically, day-offs are meant to give you a break from work. But in reality, it only means taking a break from one work to do another. In my case, I spent the entire day cleaning up my room from what seems like an eternal mess piled up after another; overflowing closet, used-up clothes hanging everywhere, mails and magazines to sort out, shoes to dust... pretty much everything in my to-do list that was put on hold for weeks came crawling out. So much for a peaceful rest. Ugh. Take it from me people, procrastination paybacks like a bitch sometimes - don't wait 'till it bites you in the ass.

As it is, I thought I'd be able to take some selfies yesterday. Instead, I picked up Penguin from work after my household tasks and had dinner out (as documented on instagram). Well you know... at least after a tiring, and proudly speaking, very productive day,  it ended quite well.

As for the photos - they were actually taken some few days ago. I couldn't help but feel ladylike in this floral shirt because it's so feminine and dainty (and I swear I can count just how many times I have associated myself with those adjectives). But let's be truthful ... sometimes spring blooms bring out the girliness in all of us - me included. So why not complete the look with some pastels and a neat pair of heels eh? If only once in a while.



  1. Haha florals do have a way of bringing the girliness out, don't they?
    I love this blouse Carla, it's so pretty and perfect for spring!
    Nice matching with the lilac bag too.
    Oh, and I got your e-mail! Thanks for letting me know what was up. Hopefully it works out better the second time around.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Congrats on having a productive day. I love your top its definitely very dainty and girly. I love how your styled it and also, cute shorts.


  3. Nice:)) x

  4. Beautiful blouse! Love it!

  5. love your outfit!
    I'll wait on my blog!
    There are new posts!

  6. This outfit is perfect! Love the blouse, the shorts, and the shoes. :) Super pretty! Followed you on GFC & Bloglovin. :D



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