Urban Luxe

(Tee and blazer : H&M][Trousers : Forever 21][Shoes : Local Store][Bag : Nessa]

Having blogged for three years now, I never really ventured into shooting self-portraits in public up until recently, not that it didn't cross my mind. There's just something about potentially looking silly and/or bizarre in the process that thwart me - to think that Penguin and I already get started at for shooting in general, what more if I was alone. But... after finally gathering the guts to do so out of sheer desperation, it's safe to say this set won't be the last selfies I took out in the open. 

Et voila!

Now I digress.

If you haven't noticed already, I'm very fond of urban-wear/sportswear/casual-wear (or whatever it's called) inspired outfits, as trends in fashion are, ad nauseam. Truly I say this trend is not one to rest anytime soon and as long as it is socially, fashionably acceptable, I'll stay put in the bandwagon. But in light of looking less haphazard - because let's be honest, a jersey tee worn with trousers that look nothing more than a pair of denim pajamas is headed towards the direction of fashion faux pas - I thought to dress it up with pointy heels and a blazer. And I guess I didn't miss the mark. Besides, in the context of Spring transition, the weather calls for a light outerwear, plus these heels haven't seen the light of day for a while now so, win-win.

But what do you think anyway?



  1. You look great! I really wish I could pull of this kind of look, it looks so comfy yet you make it look so stylish :) xx

  2. Love the F21 trousers! xx


  3. You look fantastic, love the cool casual appeal of this outfit, the denim pants are terrific. Happy April!

  4. Cool outfit you looks so gorgeous!
    Nice blog


  5. Ooooh, love the denim jogger pants! You always have the coolest things Carla :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. That is such a cool outfit! Love your hair, your bag, your shoes, your lip colour!

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!


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