Boy Meets Girl

[Tee, Skirt, and Sunnies : Romwe][Heels : Local Store][Necklace : Cotton On]

You have two options, my mind would say: dress like a girl, or dress like a boy, which in most cases the latter would always win. Or at least my outfits would consist of some sort of boyishness to them because... well, obviously I'm not the graceful, ladylike type. And as far as my body is concerned, neither am I the type that one can call sexy, or otherwise having defined feminine curves, which consequently for years, lead me to shy away from fitted skirts or bodycons for that matter. 

As it happens, my adolescent wardrobe consisted of black pants, skinny and baggy included, denim skirts, cotton tees, camis and tanks, and if dresses were involved, I reckon they were billowy sundresses. Wait. Actually, I'm pretty sure they were.

But as change would allow, and probably also the fact that my insane activity is resulting quite positively by shredding off a few (just a teeny tiny few) belly flab, I'm coming to an epiphany. That I can now wear a select few fitted pieces. The verdict is not to choose, but to combine; a little bit of boyishness here, and a little bit of girlishness there to do the trick. So what I did was pair a cute ruffle hem skirt with a rad-looking tee (if not a rip off of Givenchy, I'd say), pointy heels, and statement sunglasses to complete the boy meets girl look. Et voilĂ !

It's safe to say that this outfit defines my style. But of course you have your own judgement, so leave me your thoughts down below. I'd love to hear them. 



  1. I love this, great combination of girly and boyish. Love your lip colour. The chain is a perfect addition and that skirt is fab. I like the balance of this look.

  2. I love your style--tomboy or feminine--but I have to say this is one of my fave looks of yours for sure. And I love your hair here!

  3. Holy Hannah, you look hot. Keep up that insane activity, love. It makes you and your outfits glow. ;)


    Haha, another obsession worthy outfit from you Carla, I just love the mix of ladylike sexiness and boyish touches. Perfect combination. That skirt is killer, and I'm loving those circle sunnies and how they're a crisp white <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. very femine!

  6. I can relate to you! I can never ever wear something too girly. I always have the tomboy vibe when dressing.

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    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!


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