Crop it like it's hot

[Skirt : MPT][Top, Heels, and Blazer : H&M][Sunnies : Local Store]

I wasn't kidding when I said I'm developing a little obsession over cropped tops and bandeaus as of late. In  fact, maybe even more than a little. Lucky for me I don't think this trend won't subside anytime soon, which is a big hurrah since this time of year is when I find it most difficult to leave the house properly dressed as the heat kicks in. Although by proper I mean styled and not conventional. Because I know I won't pass judgement should I choose to wear anything midriff-bearing to, say, the office or better yet to Sunday Mass. 

Good gracious, bless.

But I digress.

A new favorite combination has since been born - all about high waist skirts and crop crop crop. The way I see it, it's a winning combo if it's easy to put together, heatproof, and most importantly if it gives illusion that I have a tiny waist. Ha! Mind you, it takes a lot of guts for me to wear this. But they don't call it "no guts no glory" for no reason. So it's safe to say I'll be thickening my face for a while longer.

Anyway, what is your take on this trend? Love or hate, let me know in the comments. =)


  1. I love the crop top trend, used to only buy crop tops but stopped after realizing I cant wear them to a lot of places. Love the pairing, the skirt is amazing and the blue crop top really complements it. I dont see this trend going away either but even if it does who care, crop tops are amazing.

  2. Super_)) x

  3. You have a tattoo on your shoulders! Wow! Love this blue outfit.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Stunning... really beautiful!


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