Resort Ready

[Trousers : Forever 21][Top : Zara][Flats : SM Department Store][Sunnies : Cotton On]

What better way to kick off resort season than to put on cool blue hues and feminine prints to counter the impossible heat. For a winter person, I have certainly found a way to embrace the essence of summer-wear this year. Perhaps it's my new found confidence level in that regardless of my bodily insecurities or how bipolar the weather gets, I've so far well covered the topic where bandeau and cropped tops are involved. Or in this case, a mini peplum blouse which, speaking of, I wouldn't have thought for a second of buying had I seen it on the racks of Zara two years ago. Nor  would have I thought of pairing it with a drawstring trousers that could be mistaken for a pajama if worn wrongly. But such is the wonder of social media influence which I'm sure you all can agree - drowning into a multitude of inspirational OOTDs from allover the internet while our feeds swarm up with the latest fashion trends and musts can totally alter perspectives. Suddenly I'm trying new things. Suddenly I'm dressing out of my comfort zone.

In any case, this is what I get summed up sartorially - totally resort ready. It's a shame that I'm not headed to one. At least not just yet. My summer adventures are only about to begin after a month's time. But I'll settle with just looking the part. Until then...


  1. Dressing out fo your comfort zone paid of girl. You did it, love the mix of colors and those pants are amazing.

  2. You look so beautiful. Love those fresh colours :)

  3. Great colors, dear! Love how you paired everything together. <3
    Rathana xo ✪

  4. Lets just say you are too cool for school! ;)


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