Romping Around

[Overalls : Rowme c/o Catsuit-Latex][Sandals : Stradivarius][Tee : Zara][Hat : Forever 21]

Taking inspiration from the Kardashians on how to wear neutrals, particularly Kylie's ASOS ensemble, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair of overalls as soon as I could. It clearly bridges the gap between masculinity and femininity - much to my aesthetic favor, and one can dress it up or down so casually like putting on a pair of sneakers in place of high heels. 

Like pantsuits. Or leather jackets. 

On any given day.

Indeed I would have donned my trusty Nike Roshe had this outfit not been intended for a blog post. However, and though quite frankly even with Penguin's disapproval or amusement, I don't mind the open-toe in this blistering heat. We all need to breathe you know, even feet. Thankfully, I now have Neo to save me from misery when it comes down to comfort if only to say they suffice (as opposed to compete with a pair of running shoes because that's ludicrous), so the only question left was what to wear underneath. Well, you know I have my style down pat so it's a no-brainer, obviously a white shirt. Because black white everything is a current thing. Because it's my thing.


Now, time to romp around.


  1. Beautiful outfit, I love the necklace and the hat, such great touches :)

    Rebecca Coco

  2. Well I am totally smitten with these overalls and how you've styled them! Wonderful! Glad you got some blog pics!

  3. Haha, capiche!
    Love how you're wearing this romper and can definitely picture you switching to a sportier look with some sneakers. You should make a post showing all the different ways you wear this romper!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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