Tokyo Dreams

[Skirt: Romwe, c/o catsuit-latex][Bag and tee : H&M][Sandals : Stradivarius]

A quick outfit update to let you all know I haven't abandoned this blog. Honestly speaking I'm trying to seem a little less disconnected from this little corner of cyberspace, which is in fact how I've been feeling... but I can't help it if there really isn't much interesting going on with my life as of late. Penguin's preoccupied with work and family matters, having to cope with his grandfather's passing, and I couldn't be more stuck with the same boring routine. 

Every. Single. Day.

To make matter's worse, he's leaving for the Philippines tomorrow and will be there for several days, leaving me even more stagnant than ever. I don't blame him. But somehow I wish there was a fun experience I could think of to share. Like how dear mother would constantly post updates on her Facebook wall. As we speak, she happens to be in a sort of honeymoon with dad for their wedding anniversary somewhere in an island resort called Grande Island in Subic.

Oh well. At least they're having fun.

Anyway, sorry to take this out on you guys. I know moping about don't do much so it's probably best that I sleep this off, dream of our supposed trip to Tokyo, and just look forward to better things coming my way.  Tomorrow's another day.

Sweet Dreams, ya'll!

P.S. Actually, there's one thing. I had a haircut. Hurrah to looking like a little boy again - you'll see soon enough!


  1. Love your skirt, thought there was light reflecting on the skirt.Things will get interesting, if all else fails just go shopping.

  2. OMG wow!! I love you skirt so much! At first I thought it was just light reflecting off of it but then I looked closer and realized it's part of the design. Soooo pretty, I love it! <3

  3. I want that skirt. It is so pretty! :)

  4. Hi gorgeous!
    Ohh this skirt is amazing. You paired it perfectly with the pink bag and the tee - so good. <3
    Rathana xo FabFashionaire

  5. Love the outfit on you. Gorgeous! You look stunning girl. And if your life doesn't get better at least you can go shopping and having fun while getting broke ;-) Anyway lovely blog here. Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  6. Love the skirt and the purse :) Looking forward to seeing your new haircut.

  7. Love your style and blog. The outfit is gorgeous, definitely following!

    Yasmeen x


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