The Carrie Necklace

Necklace : c/o ONecklace

I must have been living under a rock by not having my own name necklace for the past 20 years of my existence - to think that I've always wanted one but for some nonexistent reason, never got around to acquiring so. Carrie Bradshaw would have been disappointed, because as soon as this was up on my instagram account, my own little peers have been showering me with compliments that only then had I an epiphany. Apparently it's a thing after Sex and the City.

So they ask "Where did you get it?". Well, here's my answer in one word: Onecklace. If you don't remember where you've seen it before, this would probably  ring a bell. It's funny because I did want a "Carrie" Necklace initially. They must have heard my silent wishes and decided to grant it (big grin). Thank you!

No less than what I said before, these tiny jewels are much easier to incorporate into any outfit. And with various designs and personalization including bracelets, rings, and whatnot available in gold and silver, there's surely one for everyone's taste buds. Head over to the store now and check it out. Bonus - Free Shipping!


  1. That necklace looks really chic, would be great if I own something like that with my name as well:) You look edgy and chic, girl! I also like your hairstyle a lot)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. thank you Alexandra! you can get your piece from Onecklace!! =)

  2. Love the necklace Carla, really adds an elegance to your complete cool look!

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  3. I love Carrie Bradshaw too and I loveeee your necklace! Very understated and easy to pair with any outfit, and most importantly, it's "YOU". I love personalized jewelry <3


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