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Having gone through the phase where I was completely obsessed with statement rings, I'm one in particular to appreciate each and every unique design that comes my way. By far I've discreetly acquired dozens from both locally and abroad - those of which caught my attention. Though in that regard, there isn't one piece I'd say is a designer label, nor singularly crafted by an up and coming design talent that, truth be told, almost always evince the freshest ideas. That's where We.Ar.Able fills the gap.

Visala defines We.Ar.Able as a platform to showcase her support for independent modern designers in Hong Kong who share the same passion for fashion and creativity. Along this trail include the likes of Carmen Chan - couture jewelry designer who has already established a name for herself in Hong Kong's fashion scene, sustainable designer label Methodology, contemporary Indonesia based label We Are The People, and the creators of this edgy not-so-little ring I'm wearing - Inch Child.

Interestingly, I sort-of met Visala who also happens to be the mind behind the blog V-for-Visala on the few days I spent at Hong Kong Fashion Week in January (and by that I mean I was standing right behind her at the Extravaganza pre-cocktail party but realized it only after seeing the photos she took that night). Little did I know this tiny fashionista decked in a red Maison Martin Margiela for HM dress has the biggest ambitions, including the pursuit of We.Ar.Able, in that now I have come to admire. 

I can only say so much about We.Ar.Able until you check out the online store's wonderful contemporary jewelry selection to justify for yourselves - because it's way better to see than to read. Isn't it? And I am blatantly inviting you to do so.

Head over to www.we-ar.able.com

Chop chop!


  1. Very cool design looks a bit too bit for your finger though. Pretty cool nonetheless.


    1. I thoutht it is pretty big but cool and unique. thanks Sarah! xo

  2. *gasp* that ring is major!!! <3


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