A Vivid Summer

Photos by Kendall Arevalo and yours truly

[Top and Sunglasses: H&M][Shorts and Sandals : Forever 21]

After days of perpetual struggle to return to my otherwise normal routine, I remain indolent. Is there such a think as post-vacation syndrome? Because I think I caught it. Real bad, as a matter of fact. Doesn't help either that 1) My family's still back in the Philippines enjoying the food, the sun, and the high life of Manila; and 2) despite procrastinating for days, it's inevitable as much as a necessity to look at these images while prepping this post to share with you all, reminding me so much how it sucks to be back in the real world. 

Definitely post-vacation syndrome.

Well, at least I did manage to get my lazy-ass to work three days straight without dither - I'd have called sick if my condition was worse. I'd done my laundry too, though failed to fully unpack my luggage nor sort out the rest of the photos from Fashion Week and this trip. The only consolation I had best so far is that Penguin and I had matching schedules the past three days since I got back, allowing us to spend time together in the evenings after.

Anyway, promise I'll try harder - there are a few possibilities and opportunities presenting themselves to me at the moment which I might be able to look forward to. A new job? Another trip? A new business? ... I will let you know when time comes. But for now, I leave you all with more vivid imagery from my recent Boracay vacation. 



  1. Your shorts are so cute, love how simply you styled it. Welcome back , you sound like you getting on nicely.

  2. There must be some syndrome like that. When I came back from a recent trip to a hill station, I was sort of lost for a few days. I felt as if that was a different world.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. You look so good and summery in these set of photos Carla! Haha, and I'm certain that post vacation syndrome is a thing. Especially if you visit the Philippines ;) I know, I've experienced it :b

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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