NARS x 3.1 Phillip Lim

Let me express the present state as to how I'm utterly obsessed with the 3.1 Phillip Lim for NARS nail polish collection. The 9 limited colors dubbed "the colors that exist in the shadows" - hues ranging from contrasting neutrals to blues and burgundy ultimately embody the designer's inspiration that were also visible from his 2014 Fashion Collections, while maintaining NARS' bold aesthetics. And there I was relishing the opportunity I was given to be a part of it's exclusive preview at Hong Kong Fashion week before the collection is officially launched - a quintessence experience at that.

The collaboration is a cutting-edge repercussion of NARS and the designer's long-standing relationship, having worked together backstage at Phillip Lim runway shows since the Fall/Winter of 2007. And while it had to take 14 seasons to materialize, it's finally coming to stores this August. 

NARS also took it to debut its new product Dual Intensity Eyeshadows with shades ranging from sweet pinks to sultry darks. Having recently realized the essense of various eyeshadow shades for everyday looks, I'm particularly looking forward to acquire this set for my daily make-up regime - I think it's the ultimate palette to have for creating day to night appropriate looks. 

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