Summer Basics

Photos by Gabriel Alfonso

[Top : H&M][Vest : Vintage, Me & George][Skirt : Bershka][Sneakers : Topshop, similar here][Sunnies : Rowme, c/o Catsuit-Latex]

Holla! I owe you guys an appology for my erratic posts as of late, jumping from one topic to another; from fashion week madness to my latest travel visuals - and I'm not even done yet. Sorting out photos is one thing but apparently deciding which to use for certain posts is a difficult task especially for someone so indecisive as I am. So here's a subtle break and back to the usual while I figure out how to share the rest with ya'll - an outfit.

One so basic for summer as can be.

Honestly, I was more than a little tempted to ditch the denim vest and sneakers for a blazer and chic pointy heels. But who am I kidding? With this blazing heat? I'd rather save a bucket of sweat and myself the ickiness, thank you. Besides, the skirt is new. And so are these oh-so-comfy plain basic sneakers that finally, finally, after hunting for months, I now own. Something for everyday. Something to show. 

Anyway, there really isn't much to report except that I'm still a little languid. But I'm working on it - getting back on track with my workout (at least I tried to no avail), diet, and outfit selfies. Wish me luck, loves. Really need to get in shape again. Haha. Here's to me. Ciao for now.



  1. I really like the final result in this outfit! just love when so basic items look so well put together and neat in a look :)

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  2. Well I could certainly learn from you. I killed myself in a blazer today in 96bdegree heat SMH Anyways, this look is simple but super cute. I love the tennies!

  3. All those pieces are a must for sure!
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  4. Love the sunnies and the denim top.

  5. Love how you added this denim vest to this black/white outfit!
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    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  6. Aha, well just gotta balance it all out Carla, I know you'll find your rhythm again soon. I'm trying to work out on my own now that my workout class is finished, and it's tough figuring out what to do. Right now I'm trying to get more dedicated to jogging again. It's so hard! xP
    Haha, anyway, how do you make basics look so good? I don't know how you do it, but everything you put on gets a makeover and looks 10x more cool <3

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  7. Very cute look! In loooove with the shoes! So fluffeh ^_^
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