Under the Sun

Photos by Kendall Arevalo

[Bikini : H&M][Skirt : Pull & Bear][Kimono : H&M]

So here's what I've decided as the last set of imagery from my recent Boracay trip - a mere outfit post attempt (because I like my print mixing bikini and skirt combo too much). I have an irrational fear of wasting a good sort-of outfit by not being able to share with you all, and since I have about hundreds of photos, mostly of the beach, sunset, coconut trees, souvenirs, island stuff and whatnot that I've yet decided how to categorize into a decent, sensible post,  I settle. 

For now.

These were taken on one of the memorable mornings I spent on the island. Soon as the sun was up, there was no waiting for anyone else in putting on my bikini to lie by the seashore or frolick under the sun, soak my feet in the water and get a sun tan - the simplest way to enjoy vacation life as it is. It also helped that we stayed in one of the most conveniently located hotels on the island, Coco Huts, where it only takes one literally 20 steps to reach the beach as well as everything else. For it's proximity, I wouldn't choose otherwise.

I wouldn't choose to leave too, if it were possible. The things I got to experience in such a heavenly place is so exilarating that sometimes I wonder what the hell am I doing with my life working so hard without reaping the rewards so often. Perhaps I should make this an annual tradition where I would visit every summer? Hmm. An idea. I'm tempted.

Anyway, at this point I'd rather finish this post than to start ranting. So I leave you for now with all my love. Until my next, decent, outfit post. 



  1. Love the mix of patterns in your bikini. You look like your having a good time, you definitely should do this more often.


  2. You look so stunning & glamorous! Love it!♥

    Lots of love, xx


  3. I know the feeling of having to narrow down vacation pictures---and I imagine that it must be hard for you because all these pics are beautiful! Also, that bikini looks great. I'd love to get a closeup of the print on that skirt too.

    Another Beautiful Thing


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