Bare Exposure

Photos by Pierre Elma
[Top :H&M][Skirt : Forever 21][Shoes : Topshop][Bag : Nessa]

I don't think it's necessary to emphasize just how much I'm still into crop tops and them being my favorite trend to date. This summer watched me uncover it all in various forms of mid-riff bearing razor back, tube tops, and whatnot that I never thought would make me feel comfortable in, and quite frankly the missing puzzle pieces to my otherwise monotonous way of dressing. They work particularly well with high-waist skirts (which I now have quite the collection), and so easy to dress up or down. Wear it with a midi, A-line, or a pencil skirt, pair with heels and voila, done; sub those for a pair of culottes or tux pants for an androgynous look. But for the purpose of just strolling the city streets with your boyfriend in an unpredictable weather, a playful skirt and slip-ons would do just fine. 

Honestly speaking, I've been living in this combination behind the scenes for a while now. It has sort of become a go-to outfit. And because it's always sunny somewhere, I might extend this obsession even until fall, with extra long coats to cover up with and even higher-waist bottoms (if they exist at all). What do you think? Talk talk.


  1. Love the beautiful green and blue combination! <3 You look fantastic.

  2. I think that crop tops have been my new feminist awakening after seeing my incredibly curvaceous sister rock one without a care in the world. I can't stop wearing them. And of course it looks great on you. And that color. And is that a tattoo? Is that new? Have I just been really unobservant lately??


    1. Thanks darling, I can imagine how you would totally rock any kind of crop top! And yes, that's a tattoo alright, I've had it for quite a while already but they're barely visible in the clothes I wear. =)

  3. What a nice outfit :) The top has such a pretty colour :) I really like the pattern of the skirt ^.^
    My favourite piece of this outfit are your shoes, they are really cool :)
    Have a nice day ♥


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