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I haven't really thought about the day I'd meet Rumi Neely because in retrospect, I didn't think it was ever possible to happen. She's a super-blogger, one of the pioneers - correct me if I'm wrong, we live on both sides of the spectrum and, even if I do ever visit L.A. one day, it's not like I'll just bump into her and be like "Oh hey Rumi, can we take a selfie?". Right. But guess what, I was wrong, because in a span of 24 hours after IT announced Rumi's arrival in Hong Kong over instagram, I got a last minute invitation to the blogger session. Thank goodness for being unemployed as of the moment, there's no way I would have missed this because of work (as is the case with Penguin).

Anyway, at the event I met the lovely Vera Chan whom I got to hang out with for the rest of the night. I owe her for striking up a conversation with Christopher Dowson who gave us the entryway for a photo op with Rumi (you're so clever babe!), and of course also for taking the photos. I'm probably the shyest person in that room to even try get in line when everybody's claws were out to get a solo moment with Rumi so if it weren't for Vera, I'd have gone home with a teary eye.

But jokes aside, I do think it was a struck of good luck that brought me there, and I owe that to Penguin too, my partner in crime. There's only so much I can tell you but pictures are worth a thousands words, right? So here they are. And if you want to know more about Rumi's travel closet, her picks and favorites from IT's latest collection, and the blogger session, head over to


  1. Omgsh, major fan girl moment! That is incredible. Rumi definitely is a super blogger. Fashion Toast is one of the blogs I first started reading and getting inspired by. She's amazing!
    SO JEALOUS *_*

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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